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Partnering with community to make the world a better place.

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Design and Arts Corps

The Design and Arts Corps partners with communities to place designers, artists, scholars and educators in public life, in places like schools, hospitals, social profit organizations, community centers and government agencies.

Using creativity, these partnerships advance culture and wellbeing, strengthen democracy and imaginatively address today’s most pressing challenges.

For example, what happens when artists partner with scientists to communicate and advance research? How much more relevant can parks become when designers are invited to work with the families who use those parks? How can we transform senior centers into hubs of meaningful, community-driven arts and culture? What can we accomplish when we invite designers and artists to reimagine waiting rooms at the Motor Vehicle Division?

Gregory Sale - Social Justice Class - Photo by John Spiak

Students working with Prof. Gregory Sale, Prof. Alesha Durfee and Sue Ellen Allan to raise awareness of women interfacing with the criminal justice system. Photo by John Spiak

When fully realized, the Design and Arts Corps will be the largest socially engaged design and arts program in the nation. All Herberger Institute students will participate at least once during their studies through associated course work, projects and/or partnerships.

The Design and Arts Corps changes what design and arts schools can do in the world.  Come be a part of re-envisioning our future. Together, we make the world a better place.

ASU Design School students working with engineering students from the University of New Mexico and a number of industry professionals to design and build a home with zero net energy consumption.

Interested in partnering with us?

Interested in partnering with us?