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Employers and industry partners

The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is the nation's largest comprehensive design and arts college. By connecting with us, you are connecting with a creative city of more than 8,000 designers and artists, including students, staff, and faculty, and more than 32,000 alumni around the world.

Whether you are promoting a job opportunity, looking to attend an event, or offering student mentorship, ASU’s Herberger Institute welcomes your collaboration. 

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Ways to engage with current students

The Herberger Institute is honored to serve around 8,000 enrolled learners and engaged in more than 130 different creative disciplines and degree programs. While our locations are located in the heart of Arizona and in Los Angeles, hundreds of students around the country attend our online courses, giving you access to distance learners in your area. Instructed by world-renowned faculty and trained with state-of-the-art technology, our students learn to be innovative cultural leaders and globally-minded media makers.

Handshake is Arizona State University’s career services platform, where employers can promote four-year degree-related jobs and professional internships. Posting open employment opportunities in Handshake allows you to identify, engage and select quality candidates to fill your open positions.

The Herberger Institute encourages employers to include financial compensation for their internship programs. Unpaid internships exacerbate income disparities, disproportionately privilege affluent communities and deepen the existing social divide. The Herberger Institute encourages employers to compensate interns at least minimum wage for their time.

For non-degree related, part-time opportunities, the ASU Student Employment Office offers a free service for employers to advertise off-campus employment opportunities for students

A gig is defined as a short-term project (generally less than one semester) in which our student acts as a professional freelancer for you/your business. Unlike internships, gigs do not require clearly defined learning objectives, and you do not need to offer a full-time staff mentor. The Herberger Institute does not pass along unpaid gig opportunities to our students in compliance with federal labor guidelines. Work for exposure, trade and/or experience is not appropriate compensation.

The procedure to recruit a Herberger Institute student for a gig is as follows:

For music gigs: Visit gig.music.asu.edu to create an account and post your gig directly to music students.

For mural artists or murals: Due to the high number of requests we receive for murals or mural artists, the School of Art and Creative Career Services has put together this guide on how to Request a Mural Artist or Mural Project.

For all other disciplines: Complete a Scope of Work Form. This will automatically be passed along to Creative Career Services who will vet the opportunity and pass it along to students. Any interested students* will then reach out directly via the contact information provided on your form.

Generally, Creative Career Services does not share or post unpaid volunteer opportunities for our highly qualified arts and design community. However, there are sometimes special circumstances which benefit the greater community and will be approved after review. In order to be considered for an unpaid volunteer opportunity to be approved, the patron must specify 1.) the direct community benefit and impact, 2.) that the opportunity is for an organization that has less than $500,000 in annual business, and/or 3.) the sponsoring organization frequently and commonly hires volunteers as part of their usual practice.

*Please note that posting on the gig board or submitting a Scope or Work form does not guarantee that a student will contact you regarding your opportunity. Offering competitive pay and providing complete and accurate information will increase your chances of receiving a response.

If you have questions, please contact us at gig@asu.edu.

Submit a Scope of Work form

**Each school / unit inside ASU may operate internship programs differently.  The information below only pertains to students from ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.  If this internship is for teaching hours or clinical rotation, please disregard this and contact CreativeCareers@asu.edu 


First, ask your intern if they will be registering their internship for credit and if they need an internship credit in order to graduate. 

  • If your intern does not wish to receive credit, no agreement needs to be made between ASU and your organization. 
  • If your intern does need credit for their internship, they must immediately go to our Internships web page and follow instructions.  They must register for credit before their working hours count towards credit; retroactive hours cannot count for credit. 

Students at the Herberger Institute must register internships through Handshake.  Whether or not your organization has a Handshake account, you will still use Handshake to facilitate internships for credit. Your intern should communicate with you directly about the next steps. 

  • Before the student may register, you will need to provide them with an offer letter which includes their job title, job duties, estimated hours worked per week, financial compensation, and the start date (optional end-date). If you need, here is a sample offer-letter template.
  • At the beginning of the semester or beginning of the internship, you as the student intern’s supervisor will receive emails from Handshake asking you to approve the internship and agree to the Herberger Institute Statement of Compliance. You will complete approvals for each individual student interning with your organization. 

At the end of the semester, you will see another Handshake email for the End-of-Term internship evaluations, which also must be completed for a student to receive credit for that given semester.


Contact us at CreativeCareers@asu.edu to learn more about our degree programs and be connected with the appropriate resource. Between class presentations, guest critiques, networking events and the ASU Mentor Network, there are a number of ways to engage with students at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Are you not sure what you’re looking for just yet? Are you looking for more than the resources above? Email us at CreativeCareers@asu.edu.