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Join us Oct. 11, 2018 for Herberger Institute Day!

A note from Dean Tepper: 

From the time I first arrived here at ASU, I’ve been hearing from students, faculty and staff that everyone wants more opportunities to connect across the Herberger Institute, to learn about the creative work being done in other departments and units, and to have time to collaborate, talk and build together.

So we made it happen. October of last year, we hosted our first-ever Herberger Institute Day, for students, staff and faculty from all five schools and the ASU Art Museum.

Throughout the day, our faculty and staff offered dozens of interactive creative workshops and classes, including behind-the-scenes tours of the ASU Art Museum, salsa dancing, mural painting, interactive performances and much more!

The day concluded with #CreaTable, an interactive, creatively curated meal along Forest Mall.

The coming Herberger Institute Day on Thursday, Oct. 11 will be even better than the last!

The new schedule of workshops and classes will be posted soon. We invite you to register for any aspect of the day that fits into your schedule and sparks your interest. Take a workshop (or two or three!) outside of your discipline. This is a rare opportunity to explore the creative processes of musicians, designers, performers and artists whose approaches may be very different from your own. Registration is free, but space is limited. 

We hope this day will be eye-opening and bridge-building, a day for sharing information and celebrating creativity in its many forms.

Together, we can change the world.

See you Oct. 11!

Steven J. Tepper
Dean, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Creative Workshops

See last year's workshops as a sample of the types of activities that take place on Herberger Institute Day.  2018 workshops will be posted soon!

The art of 21st century letterpress printing
at Pyracantha Press

Dan Mayer and students in new printing press space at ASU, Tempe Center

Location: Tempe Center, room 170

An introduction to the history of letterpress printing leading up to innovative collaborative works produced at the Press. Tour includes a demonstration on the 19th century Columbian hand press, Pyracantha Books exhibit, a pop-up gallery window, and the newly donated Dr. Petko Type Collection.

Collective voices of the Holocaust

Katherine Krzys lecture
ASU Design and Arts Library

Location: Design North, room 153 - Design and the Arts Library

An immersive experience offering time to review primary source materials in the Gerda Klein Papers and to listen to powerful testimonies found there by colleagues. Klein is a Holocaust survivor who was featured in the Academy Award-winning documentary “One Survivor Remembers”, and is author of the book All But My Life. We will also look at the ways film and and propaganda art have been used by authoritarian regimes and their adversaries.

Common ground

ASU art students collaborating

Location: Art Building, room 332

Come meet some "cool" art students and faculty and learn about what we do and have in common. Collaborate with us on a workshop project about place and shared experiences while working on maps as our common ground. Art students will teach and share drawing and watercolor techniques as we work on map projects together.

Critical response process

people sitting in a circle talking
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: ASU Art Museum, Multi Purpose Room

Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process is a form for giving and getting feedback on works in progress. It is designed to leave the maker eager and motivated to get back to work. If you have ever felt discomfort, confusion, or fear when confronted with what others think of your work, we may be able to help.

Ensemble Lab: create/connect

Daniel Bernard Roumain teaching class
School of Music / Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Nelson Fine Arts Center, room 132

Join Herberger Institute Ensemble Lab co-founders/Institute Professors Daniel Bernard Roumain and Michael Rohd for an hour of performative, thoughtful investigation into your own creativity and the possibilities that arise when a group creates together.

Equity in design

Chingwen Cheng and students
The Design School

Location: Design North, room 64

Explore the concept of equity and its application in design.

Escape the museum

ASU Escape the Museum Poster

Location: ASU Art Museum

We’re transforming the ASU Art Museum into a mysterious crime scene, trapping everyone inside. The only way to escape is to follow the clues, complete activities, take fun photos and solve a mysterious crime! Prizes, mystery and intrigue await all those who dare to enter.

Exquisite prototyping

Exquisite corpse drawing game
School of Arts, Media and Engineering / The Design School

Location: Stauffer B, room 102

Exquisite corpse, or rotating corpse, is a collaborative form of storytelling in the form of a game. To start, a picture or poem is created on a sheet of paper and folded to conceal part of it. The next player adds to the composition, folds, then passes the paper on. This sequence continues until the circle is finished. What emerges is a very surreal representation of our collective imagination.
Come tackle an improvised problem (using an ad-lib) and discover what crazy solutions come about from a collective effort!

Fashion illustration...demystified

fashion illustration class at ASU

Location: Tempe Center, room 156

When scrolling through course descriptions, have you ever wondered what “fashion illustration” actually means? Please join me from 12-1pm at TMPCT156 to find out! Glammed-out mannequins await you on our model stand. I will show you a few pointers and then invite you to draw along with me in our studio. Participants are encouraged to experiment and take their artwork home.

How to write about your work (without boring yourself or others)

ASU writing workshop
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Location: Dixie Gammage Hall, room 105

Writer and editor Deborah Sussman will lead you through some basic pointers on writing about your work, whether it’s an artist statement, a media release or a blog post.

Interactive. Experimental. AME Research.

School of Arts, Media and Engineering plant technology installation
School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Location: Matthews Center, room 224

Come explore the many avenues of Arts, Media and Engineering's research teams - including an improvisational computer music jam session, augmented reality, and an exploration of time and movement with the SERRA project.

Latin social dance

latin dance event at ASU School of Music
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Neeb Hall Plaza

Learn the beginner basics of Salsa and Bachata dance in this one hour express class! Learn the basics in beginner footwork, partner work, and lead and following cues so you can begin social dancing with our ASU Salsa community!

Make some noise!

ASU Gospel Choir
School of Music

Location: Katzin Concert Hall

Sing! Hit things! Join Professors Schildkret and Thompson for a sing-along on an African freedom song. No experience required, just a desire to let loose your inner rock star!

Open air mattress talk

Open Air Mattress Talk in the Secret Garden
With Gregory Sale, Elizabeth Johnson, Nik Zaleski
School of Art / Herberger Institute Arts-Based Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative

Location: Secret Garden, Courtyard of Dixie Gammage Hall

"In our lives as students, artists and activists, our mattresses have been a place of comfort and rest, of emergent sexual exploration, and sometimes, of violence. We aim to create a safe space to participate, listen, talk, collaborate, laugh and think about these issues..." - project co-designers. The dialogue will begin with an excerpt from the play With Each Other. Participants will then use their bodies and minds to break down boundaries and have an open conversation about consent and sexual violence prevention on campus. Join us!

Passion burns blue

Students admiring finished cyanotype
With Binh Danh, asst professor
School of Art

Location: Matthews Hall, room 121

Exploring one of the fathers of photography, Sir John Herschel, and his cyanotype process. This blue print process gives rise to scientific study, architecture plans, and an inexpensive photo paper. The participant will learn this safe and simple process by making cyanotype prints.

Pottery Sale

Students working at the ASU Clay Club Ceramic Sale
With the ASU Clay Club
Ceramics Research Center

Location: Ceramics Research Center

Drop in anytime from 10a.m. to 3:30p.m.

Don't miss out on your chance to acquire one-of-a-kind handmade pottery made by the members of the ASU Clay Club. The sale will be at the ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center in the Brickyard at 7th and Mill. Find a piece that you will treasure, or stock up on affordable handmade gifts at great prices. Complete your experience with a visit to the Ceramics Research Center, whose collection includes some of the greatest contemporary ceramic masterpieces in the world.

Secret vault tours

ASU Art Museum print library / vault

Location: ASU Art Museum

Behind locked doors hide the treasures of the ASU Art Museum. Join a museum curator on a secret tour of our vaults, and gain exclusive access to our collection. (If you’re lucky, you might even leave with new-found gossip on a few well-known artists). This special tour will be coupled with a unique conservation tour as well.

Sketching and collaborative mural

group of people sketching on a large mural

Location: Design North, Terrace Gallery: 2nd floor central hall

Learn the basics of sketching and then contribute to a collaborative mural.

Speed mural

two people painting mural
School of Art

Location: Neeb Hall Plaza Stauffer B Breezeway

Learn and participate in executing a large-scale mural, in paint.

Spoon carving

wooden spoon carving
With Alex Foster, wood shop assistant
School of Art

Location: Art Warehouse, room 108

Learn the basics of wood carving and create a functional object.

Art and music: creativity in dark times

ASU Soot and Spit
ASU Design and Arts Library

Location: Design North, room 153 - Design and the Arts Library

An immersive workshop centered around the historical experience of struggle, survival, and activism by artists and musicians, active in dark political times. We will explore the famous Nazi Degenerate Art Show, historical authoritarian confiscation and destruction of art works and persecution of artists. Also explored will be the power of music and musicians to evoke change, from the Risorgimento movement of the nineteenth century to the Our First Hundred Days project of the present day.

Behind the scenes tour of the costume shop and ghoulish makeup experience

Student in ghoulish mask at ASU Costume Shop
With Connie Furr + Crystal Heckert
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Nelson Fine Arts Center, sub-basement Costume Shop

Take a tour of the costume shop and then get ready for Halloween early. Experience a quick tutorial for homemade ghoulish makeup. The tour is open to all, we would love to see hundreds make their way through our facility. Costumes from previous productions will be on display.

Come drum with us!

studuent drumming
School of Music

Location: Music Building West, room 250

A community drum circle where regardless of musical ability, participants have an opportunity to make music, build camaraderie and community through the joy of playing drums and percussion. This session is designed to connect people through music and rhythm.

Experience liquid clay

Slip casting mold
School of Art

Location: Art Building, Ceramics Studio, rooms 26C and 26D

Learn the technique of Slipcasting using plaster molds to create forms.

Finding humanity in digital art spaces

ASU School of Arts, Media and Engineering classroom
Herberger Online

Location: Dixie Gammage Hall, room 105

In a globalized environment in which technology is ubiquitous, artists will continue to struggle to find a sense of purpose, community, and humanistic value in digitally augmented spaces. How can we create quality connections as artists with each other and the global community? How can you find your creative voice and place in an increasingly virtual world?

From idea to script to movieWhy do some movies get made and others don’t?

student reading script
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Stauffer B, room 125

After a quick discussion about the development process in Hollywood and why certain scripts get made and others don't, participants will separate into groups and be given a list of projects currently in development in Hollywood. Each group will be given $1,000,000,000 (sorry, it's a fictional $1 billion), a list of each project's real or potential cast, director and budget, and then each group will decide which slate of movies it wants to produce. Each group will then report its slate and discuss the reasoning behind its choices.

Jazz improvisation and narrative

ASU Jazz Students
School of Music

Location: Music Building West, room 114

Join the jazz improvisation class and find out how instrumentalists tell stories through improvised music.

Laughter yoga

Laughter yoga
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Nelson Fine Arts Center, room 231

Tension and stress wreak havoc on the voice and limit the potential for resonance. Quick and easy Laughing Voice tools add to the performers warm-up. Benefits include enhanced vocal prosodic features (tune, rhythm, volume, dynamic range) while also feeling more at ease and present.

Meditative sound soup

Himalayan Singing Bowls
School of Film, Dance and Theatre / The Design School

Location: Evelyn Smith Music Theatre stage

Himalayan Singing Bowl protocols woven with improvised guitar loops create a sonic environment for mindful practice. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.

Meet your people

students at ASU Art Museum
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: ASU Art Museum, Multi Purpose Room

Interdisciplinary students interested in community and collaboration lead short conversational activities so you can meet your people.

A muddy experience with clay

clay pot on wheel
School of Art

Location: Art Building, Ceramics Studio, rooms 26C and 26D

Throw a small clay pot on the wheel, slipcast and assemble small forms, and coil build small vessels using different kinds of clay.

Musical trash and toy circuits

Toy Circuits
School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Location: Stauffer B, room 103

Create music you can touch out of recycled goods and circuit toys - we promise it'll get weird.

Pierre Bourdieu and the rules of art

Pierre Bourdieu - The Rules of Art Book Cover
School of Art

Location: Design North, room 64

The French intellectual, Pierre Bourdieu, is considered one of the most influential contemporary social thinkers today. The workshop will offer an introduction to Boudieu's ideas of taste and art, and suggest key readings. Boudieu's concepts are powerful intellectual tools for achieving successful careers in the arts and related fields. No prior knowledge of Bourdieu is needed to enjoy the workshop.

Sing like an opera singer in one easy lesson!

Opera Singer
School of Music

Location: Music Building East, room 225

Come learn how to sing with healthy vocal technique. We will work on one song in another language to show you what it takes to be a classical singer!

Sketching and collaborative mural

group of people sketching on a large mural

Location: Design North, Terrace Gallery: 2nd floor central hall

Learn the basics of sketching and then contribute to a collaborative mural.

Sustainable fashion

Professor Galina Mihaleva talks fashion student through his first seam sewing assignment

Location: Tempe Center, room 152

The clothing industry is the second highest polluter of clean water, which disrupts the ecosystem and livelihood of humans in developing countries. Learn about the environmental threats caused by the textile industry and the myriad of ways to recycle these textiles and plastics by making non-conventional textiles by fusing threads, creating new products through plastic fusing and fabric manipulation using polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

Tour dance world treasures

Dance world treasures
School Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: PE Building East, room 107B (enter from lobby)

Come be amazed! Explore the cultural diversity of dance with Adair Landborn, scholar and curator of the Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections at ASU.
Semi-private tours of this remarkable “American Treasure” include opportunities to browse special collection books, review rare archival materials of American dance pioneers, and examine the CCDR Collections museum of remarkable cultural artifacts, dolls, costumes, musical instruments, puppets, and masks from around the world!

Wood turning

Wood Turning

Location: Art Warehouse, room 108

Basic principals of carving wood on the lathe. Topics covered include, spindles, bowls and machining parts for woodworking projects.

Acting the room

acting workshop
School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Location: Nelson Fine Arts Center, room 231

Using physical space, objects, and short texts to build a theatrical performance.

Beyond Chopsticks: piano for absolute beginners

ASU piano lab
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Location: Music Building West, room 220

Is your smartphone the only musical instrument you have ever played? A beginning piano workshop for anyone who has never, ever played a musical instrument. (p.s. we may sign or whistle a little, too!)

Beeps-n-boops: build a sequencer

Student creating music on a computer with piano keyboard
School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Location: Stauffer B, room 111

A quick and easy introduction to interactive computer music. Together we will build a simple music sequencer that will be controlled through easy interactive actions.

Botanical drawing made easy

Botanical Drawings
School of Art

Location: Art Building, room 402 226

Come make a botanical drawing in this fun hour-long workshop. Participants will learn transferring as a method, and leave with their very own drawing. No experience or “talent” required. All are welcome!

Digital Culture speaker series: Harry Smoak

Harry Smoak
School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Location: Stauffer B, room 125

Harry Smoak is a media researcher and producer presently based in Montréal. He is a doctoral candidate in Fine Arts at Concordia University where he is also an adjunct faculty in the Department of Design and Computation Arts. His current research interests lie in phenomenology of lighting, networked sensor technologies, urban media ecologies, and technologies of performance. Recently he founded the LiveMatter project to pursue opportunities in developing the new forms of content and capabilities necessary to the digital-physical convergence in the entertainment, culture, and architectural design sectors.

Dream BIG!

Here's to the dreamers and doers
School of Music

Location: Music Building West, room 130

Unlock your creative spirit, discover your passions and Dream BIG! Turn your passions into action and connect more deeply with your unlimited potential to achieve a desired career in the arts.

Gamelan gang open improv workshop

ASU gamelan room
School of Music

Location: Gammage Auditorium, room 206 (please enter through the North Lobby doors)

Learn the basics of gamelan playing in the Indonesian tuned bronze percussion tradition, to which we’ll add our own improvisational contributions. Open to all, no background required.

Great cardboard chair challenge

student on cardboard chair
The Design School

Location: Neeb Hall Plaza

What does the lightest cardboard chair that will support a 200 pound person look like? Come check out our LIVE testing and discussion of the top 45 designed chairs.

Hidden treasures

ASU Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model
ASU Design and Arts Library

Location: Hayden Library, room 210

Discover the unexpected wonders in ASU Library’s Distinctive Collections’ historical and cultural artifacts collections. View 15th century illuminated manuscripts; costumes that look like they walked off a stained glass window; a Star Wars Millennium Falcon model and “Revenge of the Jedi” story board; a pre-filming script of “Gone with the Wind” with a different ending; artists and pop-up books, and much more.

Imaginary Open House

Center for Science and the Imagination
School of Arts, Media and Engineering

Location: Centerpoint

What do Frankenstein, the stratosphere, and comic books all have in common? Come to our imaginary open house to find out! Visitors will learn about current projects at the Center for Science and the Imagination and pick up a memento of their visit.

Join the choir I

ASU Choir
School of Music

Location: Gammage Auditorium, room 301 (please enter through the North Lobby doors)

Be part of the ASU Chamber Singers as they prepare for upcoming performances. A glimpse behind the curtain of a high-caliber musical ensemble.

Meet the jazz band

students sitting and watching the ASU jazz band
School of Music

Location: Music Building West, room 114

Experience big band jazz music up close and find out about the contemporary relevance of this historically significant instrumental ensemble format.

Museum of Walking (MoW): find your vanishing point

Museum of Walking graphic

Location: Front steps of Dixie Gammage Hall

MoW is an educational resource center committed to the advancement of walking as an art practice fostering relationships between people, land, action, and site.

This workshop entails slow walking, horizon lines, verticals, vanishing points, and chance-based choreography. We will also discuss how walking continue to inspire artists, philosophers, dancers, and writers and well as countless other creatives.

Queer tactics across the arts

Red Square space at the ASU Design School
School of Art

Location: Design North, room 64

Camp, drag, disidentification, ambivalence, criminality, utopian and dystopian temporailities – queer artists use tactics like these to challenge normativity. Have you used similar strategies in your own work? This workshop invites artists from all of the schools in HIDA to bring examples of your own work or of artists you admire to share in a dialogue about queer expressions in dance, film, theater, music, art and technology, visual art, and design.

Trust the process

Red Square space at the ASU Design School
The Design School

Location: Design North, Red Square: lower level central hall

Participants will experience how to have a design experience using and trusting their own creative process, and be designers for one day. This workshop will also be co-led by Josh Lee, Hayley Holden, Angela Coriell and Kaci Cibrario.

Yoga for performing artists

Brianne Borden, yoga

Location: Secret Garden, Courtyard of Dixie Gammage Hall

Learn basic techniques from the tradition of yoga that aid in maximizing the efficiency of how you use your body in performance. We will use breath and posture to address proper anatomical alignment, performance anxiety, exercises for injury prevention, and general health and wellbeing as an artist. No prior yoga experience needed! Please bring a yoga mat if you have one.


CreaTable - collaborative meal on Forest Mall at ASU

#CreaTable is an interactive, community meal along Forest Mall for the entire Herberger Institute. Join us for cross-disciplinary conversations, pop-up performances and demonstrations, and a free meal!

2018 registration will open soon