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With 5,365 + students, nearly 400 faculty members, 125 program options and a tradition of top-ranked programs, we are committed to redefining the 21st-century design and arts school.

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Herberger Admissions and Recruitment office

Our admission representatives in the Herberger Institute specialize in all design and arts disciplines and can help you find the perfect degree program.
P: 480-727-4757

Dean's office

Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL)
Room 132
P: 480-965-6536   F: 480-727-4757

Mailing address
Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Arizona State University
PO Box 872102
Tempe, AZ 85287-2102

Shipping/FedEx/UPS/courier address
ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Dixie Gammage Hall (GHALL), Room 132
1001 S. Forest Mall
Tempe, AZ 85287

Communications and Media

Deborah Sussman, communications and media specialist

Arcadia Residential Community information

Megan Workmon
Best Hall C 113B (MB-C)

Academic services

Director of Academic services
Carrie Coe
Design South (CDS) 101


To schedule an advising appointment, contact Joyce Burke or Diana Cortes by phone. Advising appointments cannot be scheduled via email. Phone: 480-965-4495.

Cassandra Scott: Art Studies, Ceramics, Drawing, Fibers, Intermedia, Sculpture, Digital Photography (Online)
Carrie Graham: Art History (Tempe), Museum Studies, Photography, Printmaking, Digital Photography (Online)
Jesse Ortiz: Art Education, Art History (Online), Art Studies, Painting
Matt Ransom: Fashion Design 
W. Patrick Bingham: Art History (Online), Fashion Design

Anna West: Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Matt Ransom: Architecture, Landscape Architecture
Ryan Brady: Graphic Design
Michael Funk: Environmental Design, Industrial Design
Anna Zischkau: Interior Design

Digital Culture
Corey Carlson

Film, Dance, and Theatre
Laura Winnemann: Film (Alpha split A-Q)
W. Patrick Bingham: Film (Alpha split R-S)
Corey Carlson: Film (Alpha split T-Z)
Marrin Robinson: Dance, Theatre, Performance & Movement

Anna Zischkau: Education, Therapy
Corey Carlson: BA in Music, BA in Music & Culture, Music (Composition, Performance, Theatre, Theory) 

Herberger Institute
Matt Ransom: BA in the ARTS

Dixie Gammage Hall, Arizona State University, Tempe Campus