Arcadia Residential Community

Our residential college, Arcadia, is a thriving arts community designed for students who are pursuing a major throughout the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Living in a Creative Community at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Live, learn and discover

Arcadia’s unique environment enriches your ASU experience through opportunities to explore diverse perspectives of creativity, discover innovations in the arts and design that complement your degree program, and develop a community of other students who share similar passions. At Arcadia, you live and learn with creative, innovative, and imaginative peers from every program in design and the arts, collaborating on projects, preparing for classes, and sharing your interests and talents.

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Arcadia Computer Lab

Computer lab

The computer lab is located in room 114A on the first floor of Best C across from the front desk. The lab contains Apple iMacs with 27-inch monitors. These powerful machines are well-maintained to meet any intensive creative need and come equipped with a variety of up-to-date arts and design software. From anywhere in the community, students for an additional charge may access and print to the 8.5 x 11 color laser jet printer at the Best C front desk.

Dance, theatre + movement studio

The dance, theatre and movement studio is located in room 114 on the first floor of Best C. This spacious room is lined with full-length mirrors on one wall for dancing, monologues, or scene work. Any Arcadia resident may access this space by checking in at the Best C Front Desk.

Design and art studio

The design and art studio is located in room 121 on the first floor of Best C facing the Arcadia Courtyard. The studio provides ample space for various art and design projects or collaborations. It has several drafting tables and a light table. The studio is open to all Arcadia residents, regardless of major.

...Plus plenty of space to hang out

Each of the halls within the community has lounges and common areas that can be used for a variety of activities ranging from socializing, studying, collaborating, and programs. The Arcadia Courtyard serves as a community-wide common area, which includes a sand volleyball court.

Music practice rooms

The practice rooms are located in room 100L1 on the first floor of Best C facing the Arcadia Courtyard. Four practice rooms, each equipped with upright pianos, can be accessed by residents by signing in at the Best C Front Desk. The music practice rooms are open to all Arcadia residents, regardless of major.

What’s happening at Arcadia

The Arcadia Residential Community hosts a variety of programs and events to enliven the community and engage students in their artistic and creative pursuits. From guest artists leading workshops to faculty-assisted creative programs, large community arts events to hikes up A-Mountain, portfolio review sessions to student film festival evenings, there are fun events and workshops for every interest.

Creative Fellows (CFs), upper-division Herberger Institute students who have demonstrated a high level of academic and creative work, facilitate inspirational events geared toward community building, arts and design engagement, and creative exploration. As a resident in the Arcadia Residential Community, you will have the opportunity to dine with faculty members from your programs, learn new skills such as Japanese book binding, printmaking, or puppet-making, and showcase your own creative talents. Events are planned based off of residents' distinct interests, so there are always new, exciting programs and opportunities within the community.

Samples of signature events in the community

Spectrum - Arcadia event


A explosion of color and fun.

Arcadia CreateFest


Crafting and resources for all.

Center Pride Drag Show

Center Pride

Community, love and education.

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Meet the Creative Fellows

Creative Fellows (CFs) are charged with representing the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts both within the Arcadia Residential Community as well as within the greater arts and design community at ASU. Creative Fellows reside within the residential community when they work intentionally to foster creative programming directly related to the arts and design while also serving as inspirational, creative mentors. Additionally, CFs partner and collaborate with their home academic units, working to build innovative and interdisciplinary communities across the entire arts corridor and within the greater ASU community.

Creative Fellows are upper-division Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts undergraduate students who have successfully completed their milestone, portfolio, interview, or audition processes. CFs act as inspirational guides and role models on how to live a fully integrated life in the arts. CFs coordinate engaging programs both within the residential community and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, work with diverse communities to foster artistic development and advocate for the arts student voice.

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