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Study abroad

Design and arts around the world

Studying abroad provides you with the chance to dive deeper into the global curriculum, to understand the complexity of design and arts within an international context and to expand your creative network worldwide. Not only does study abroad challenge you as a person, but it also challenges your held assumptions about what it means to be a creative-minded person. It pushes your limits, your creativity and your arts and design thinking.

Steps to studying abroad:


  1. Speak to your academic advisor.
  2. Attend a Study Abroad 101 session.
  3. Attend a Financing Your Global Education program workshop.
  4. Make an appointment to speak to an international coordinator in the ASU Global Education Office.
  5. Make an application for the chosen program.
  6. Apply for scholarships.
  7. Have the academic advising form completed and signed by your advisor.


There are a variety of options available to you to study abroad:

  • One academic year or one academic term/semester.
  • Summer term (ranges in times).
  • Faculty Directed and Global International Experiences Programs (10 days to three weeks long).
  • Internships.

The best way to make a decision about your study abroad options is to speak to your academic advisor to determine when is best for you to study abroad. Some majors allow greater flexibility over others, but everyone has the opportunity to work or study abroad over the summer.

Your next steps would be to narrow down place options. Fortunately, there are plenty available in a variety of countries around the world. If you speak a second language, getting instruction in your discipline in that second language could prove beneficial to your creative practice. Alternatively, if you are pursuing a minor in a language, you could take a semester to gain upper-level credits for the minor while simultaneously improving your language abilities. There are plenty of opportunities in the many majority English speaking countries as well for those who do not want to study in a non-English speaking country.

If you are still unsure about the program you want or the region you want, you can complete Global Education Office questionnaire and they will assist you with narrowing down your options based on your major and flexibility.

Study abroad is achievable and can be incredibly affordable. If you go abroad during the semester, your U.S. financial aid and any scholarships awarded by ASU can be applied toward your study abroad experience. NOTE: If you have external funding, you must consult with your scholarship provider to see if your scholarships can be applied to your study abroad program. Additionally, there are ample scholarships available to students interested in study abroad. To see what is available, you can visit ASU Global Education Office’s Scholarship Portal.

Key scholarships to consider:

If you are looking to fund your studies or internship abroad through a variety of means or even on your own, you should consult ASU Global Education Office’s Explore Funding page, which provides tools needed to plan for your time abroad (program cost comparison, budgeting, etc.).