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Need to fulfill a CS, HU or L next semester?

Did you know that creative thinking is one of the top traits employers are seeking?

Add creativity to your college experience with a Herberger Institute class.
Art, dance, design, digital culture, film, music and theatre classes are available to all ASU students. Several courses fulfill CS, HU or L general studies designations and awareness area requirements for C, CS, H, HU, G, L or SB.

Whatever your interests, the Herberger Institute has the classes that fit your needs! Visit herbergerinstitute.asu.edu/electives for more design and arts electives.

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Summer 2020 design + arts elective classes

School of Art - Summer 2020

Arts, Media and Engineering - Summer 2020

School of Film, Dance and Theatre - Summer 2020

School of Music - Summer 2020

The Design School - Summer 2020

Fall 2020 design + arts elective classes

School of Art - Spring 2021

Arts, Media and Engineering - Fall 2020

The Design School - Spring 2021

School of Film, Dance and Theatre - Spring 2021

Design + arts - Fall 2020

School of Music Dance Theatre - Spring 2021

Frequently asked questions


Do I have to be a Herberger Institute major? No.


Are class overrides available? Yes, depending on the class. Contact the instructor for more info.


Are the non-major classes studios or lectures? Both are available.


Will I be graded against the same standards as an art major? No. As a non-major your knowledge and incoming ability will be considered in the grading process.


Do these classes meet general studies requirements?  Many classes meet C, CS, H, HU, G, L or SB requirements.