Tuition and paying for college

ASU ranks among the top “best buy” public colleges in the USA. Thousands of dollars in scholarships and fellowships are awarded to Herberger Institute students annually.

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The Herberger Institute has many financial aid options available.

Thousands of dollars in scholarships and fellowships are awarded to Herberger Institute students annually. Money generated for these scholarships and fellowships come from the generous donations of our alumni, parents and friends.  See what other students did.


Explore the different opportunities for scholarships in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.


Consult your academic unit for more information about scholarships:

Available Scholarships
School of Film, Dance and Theatre General
This posting is the gateway to allow Film, Dance and Theatre students to apply for all School of Film, Dance and Theatre scholarships with one application.
School of Art Scholarship
The School of Art administers university and private donor scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. You must complete the application for the School of Art Scholarship to be eligible for these scholarships.
A Paul Moran Memorial Scholarship
Provide scholarships to students who demonstrate passion and commitment to sustainable design.
ASU Anthony C. Juratovac Memorial Scholarship
Must be a second or third year student successfully enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Environmental Design and Planning with interests in environmental building and sustainable development, and have an approved program of study. This endowment funds a scholarship in the Herberger Institute for the Design and the Arts.
ASU George Christensen Travel
To fund travel prizes for third year architecture students awarded on the basis of an educational itinerary submitted by an applying eligible student.
ASU Ralph Haver Memorial
This fund was established in 1975 by the architectural, planning and engineering firm of Haver, Nunn and Nelson as a tribute to architect Ralph Burgess Haver. Income provides an award to graduate student(s) or student(s) pursuing advanced studies related to arid region design in The Design School.
ASU Sun Angel Funk Architecture
This endowment is to support the general scholarships in the Architecture program.
ASU William Z Smith Scholarship
This scholarship will provide funding for incoming freshmen in the Architectural Studies program, living in the Herberger Institute’s Arcadia Residential Community.
Bradford Nichols Froude Scholarship
Provide support to students enrolled in Architectural Studies, must be enrolled full time with a minimum GPA of 3.5, available to entering freshman; must demonstrate financial need. Academic Budget must be submitted to The Design School.
Brian A. Carver Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for a student in the Industrial Design program in The Design School.

Graduate teaching assistantships

The ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts offers graduate students the opportunity for teaching and research assistantships.

For more information about applying and details concerning the types of opportunities available, visit the Graduate Education teaching and research assistantship website.

If you plan to apply for federal student loans, please consult the Financial Aid Office website for the necessary application steps.

Consult your academic unit for more information about financial support: