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Lend us your passion and expertise, and we will dream and do great things together.

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Dean’s Creativity Council

Dean Steven Tepper

Dear Creative Partners, 

When I first arrived at ASU, President Crow challenged me to make the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts a national model for rethinking how artists and designers can influence our world.

Over the past two years, we have recruited prominent thought leaders and artists to join our already world-class and highly ranked faculty. Leaders across the nation are watching to see what we do here, and national funders are beginning to invest in our vision. This is an experiment like no other in the country – and I need the right team of partners to advise and support our efforts.

The Dean’s Creativity Council will be a unique opportunity to drive creativity in bold new ways across the campus, the city and beyond. Composed of leaders and advocates in business, the arts and education, the council will directly support groundbreaking innovations from some of the nation’s most talented musicians, directors, filmmakers, artists, choreographers, designers and architects. I’d like to invite you to be one of these critical partners.

As the largest comprehensive design and arts school in the U.S., and as part of the #1 most innovative research university, ASU’s Herberger Institute is uniquely positioned to transform the role and relevance of design and the arts in society – and I have identified you as a potential partner who is uniquely qualified to help realize the transformation.

I hope you’ll join me.

Dean Steven J. Tepper

Membership Commitment and Benefits

Our valued partners in the Dean’s Creativity Council increase our effectiveness and outreach in the community and across the nation. Your partnership helps us forge new connections, leverage our talents, share our innovations and reach greater heights.  

Each member’s $5,000 annual contribution will support:

  • Strategic initiatives at the Herberger Institute selected by you, the council members
  • The Dean’s Investment Fund, allowing for flexibility to act on opportunities

As a council member, you’ll be able to see firsthand the difference your support makes, other benefits include:

  • Participating in high-level discussions with Dean Tepper about trends in arts and design in our city and in society
  • VIP access to select Herberger Institute events
  • Invitations to exclusive members-only events
  • Access to a network of community leaders who are committed to arts and design
  • Supporting excellence in art, music, film, dance, theatre, design, and new media and digital culture

Dean’s Creativity Council members
Thank you for partnering with us!

  • Brenda Bernardi
  • Bill and Jo Brandt
  • Molly DeFilippis
  • Ed and Marcia Eberle
  • Adam Goodman
  • Violet Kasser-Pirzadeh
  • Dr. Ruth Lim
  • Paul Olesh
  • Doris and Hong Ong
  • Mac Perlich
  • Jeff and Leslie Rich
  • Laura and Herb Roskind
  • Jennifer and Charles Sands
  • Jamie Steindorff
  • Bart Steiner
  • Heather and Jeff Wincel
  • Dr. Judy Wolf
  • Krista Shepherd and Trudi Hummel - Gould Evans Associates
  • Dr. Mitzi Krokover and Dr. Jaque Sokol

Ways to join

Please contact Trent Guerin, Assistant Director of Development, for more information on how to join.

You may reach him by phone at 480-727-6881 or email at