Projecting All Voices: Broadening the role of universities in building a thriving ecology for underrepresented artists

The Challenge

Our goal was to better understand the ways in which universities and their internal and external networks can support and advance the careers of artists who have been historically under-represented, particularly in the Southwest in both higher education and cultural institutions.

The Approach

The Mellon grant-funded a post-graduate fellowship program and a cadre of visiting artists working within art, music, theatre and dance to investigate and expand the ways universities can better resource, support and facilitate career and artistic development with African, Latinx, Asian, Arab and Native American (ALAANA) artists.

Findings and Impact

Between 2017 and 2019, the project supported the work of six post-graduate fellows and 10 visiting artists who produced new work, explored career connections with faculty and community collaborators, and built intergenerational connections with students both at Herberger Institute and in alliance with ASU-Gammage and other regional presenters. The first Projecting All Voices grant was completed in 2019 and the second round of investment was made in Herberger Institute and ASU-Gammage to expand and deepen the work.

Project Videos