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Cultural Innovation Tools

Harnessing design and arts resources for our community

Cultural Innovation Tools leverages the creativity at the Herberger Institute to provide tools and resources for other artists/designers/culture makers, for families, for educators and for community organizations and government leaders who seek to partner with artists and designers as they develop resilient and equitable communities.

From podcasts exploring the effect of creative placemaking on Arizona communities, to a series of lively conversations with creatives conducted by Institute Professor Daniel Bernard Roumain, to online art talks and crafting activities hosted by the ASU Art Museum, Cultural Innovation Tools is designed to serve a wide range of people looking for more engagement with design and the arts.

A vital role in public good

Cultural Innovation Tools was launched in 2020 as part of the National Collaborative for Creative Work, a legacy initiative of the Herberger Institute. The National Collaborative for Creative Work worked across students, faculty and partners to advance the notion that art and design have a vital role in public good, which was urgent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, Cultural Innovations Tools offered a new way of thinking about how artists and designers are responding to the urgent needs of our country and our community.

As we continue to move past the global pandemic, we hope the free resources and tools continue to build connections, ideas and collaborations that center how arts and design are vital to our human imagination, civic recovery and public wellbeing.

Explore the tools available to you

Here are lectures, courses and other academic content developed by our faculty and other partners that may support you in your work. All content is free; some content is enabled by the Canvas platform and may require you to register for a free account. In addition to the academic content, the tools below also include open source videos, podcasts, playlists and more that you can use to experience design and arts at home. 

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 Tools for artists, designers and arts educators
 Tools for government and community leaders
 Tools for families


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