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Designers, artists and culture bearers are unique and often under-activated assets in communities. At Arizona State University, arts-based equitable community work — also known as creative placemaking and creative placekeeping--is a central thread of inquiry and action. At ASU, The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions play a critical role in testing and advancing how we prepare a wide range of people working in neighborhoods and policy realms for the challenges facing our communities. In our Creativity and Place podcast series, field leaders and scholars explore key questions and issues.
Episode 7

Wanda Dalla Costa

What does the most sustainable house on a reservation in the US look like? ASU Institute Professor Wanda Dalla Costa discusses Indigenous Placekeeping and value-based design in architectural practices. Her work in the Indigenous Design Collaborative centers collaborative and consensus based design which includes recovery of root culture, centering resident agency, and the social cohesion that comes from building something together.

Episode 6

Jen Cole

Why are we here and who do we work for? This critical question is what centers Jennifer Cole’s work as the Director of the National Accelerator for Cultural Innovation at ASU. In this episode Jennifer and Maria discuss the role of Local Arts Agencies (LAA) and why it is important to work with communities to create an ecology that is healthy, vibrant and equitable.

Episode 5

Victor Rubin

In this episode, we hear from Victor Rubin who is a Policy Fellow at the national research institute PolicyLink, which advances racial and economic equity by Lifting Up What Works® He talks about insights from working with ArtPlace America on the Community Development Investments program which provided three million to six organizations from 2015 to 2019, with the goal to support place-based community development organizations in sustainably incorporate arts and culture into their core work.

Episode 4

Craig Calhoun

In this episode, we hear from Craig Calhoun who is a University Professor in Social Science here at ASU. Calhoun discusses his research in the efforts that people make to sustain viable communities in a world that is deeply complex.

Episode 3

Michael Rohd

ASU Institute Professors Maria Rosario Jackson and Michael Rohd discuss the development of the Center for Performance and Civic Practice as well as what the core elements of ethical engagement are.

Episode 2

Liz Ogbu and Christine Gaspar

In this episode, we hear from The Design School’s guest lecturers Liz Ogbu and Christine Gaspar. Ogbu is a designer, urbanist and social innovator and Gaspar is the executive director of the Center for Urban Pedagogy. As designers, both of these women examine the impact we can make to address social justice in a complex world.

Episode 1

Maria Rosario Jackson and Jason Schupbach

In our first episode, we hear from Jason Schupbach, the director of The Design School at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. In this conversation he discusses the origins of the Creative Placemaking field and his experience as the former director of Design and Creative Placemaking programs for the National Endowment for the Arts.