We support the scholarly inquiry, applied research and creative activity of more than 400 faculty and more than 5,000 students. This research activity spans more than 100 academic programs and allied research centers.

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Herberger Institute faculty are not only world-class artists and designers in their own right, they are also a force for discovery in and through design and the arts, inspiring students to become thought leaders who will shape the future by considering the impact of their work on the public good. Their design- and arts- led research strives to improve the human condition through the appropriate application of knowledge and creative talents, especially in the following areas:

  • Creative youth development and arts education
  • Equitable community development and creative placemaking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Equity and inclusion
  • Health and wellness
  • Justice
  • Public health or social determinants of health
  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Technology


The ASU-LACMA Master’s Fellowship in Art History offers a three-year degree program that pairs rigorous academic instruction through traditional masters-level coursework with on-the-job work experience.

ASU and artist James Turrell form a new and innovative partnership revolving around Turrell’s masterwork at Roden Crater

This knowledge enterprise provides leadership to advance ASU's transdisciplinary art-science research,  creative practice and international profile in the field.

Working with health and allied health disciplines at ASU and in the community, Creative Health Collaborations advances research, curricula and programming at the intersection of arts, design and health.

The Studio for Creativity, Place and Equitable Communities integrates arts, culture and design in community development, planning and related fields in order to help redress historic inequities and create healthy, equitable, more just communities where all people can thrive.

Herberger Institute is committed to cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship in design and the arts.

The mission of the Institute Professors is to change pedagogy and practice at ASU and beyond.

Created in 1996 with an endowment from Katherine K. Herberger, ArtsWork unites ASU artists and scholars with community leaders in research and programs focused on children and the arts.

The XRts Immersive Media Fellowships supports diverse artists, technologists and designers who drive social change through immersive experiences.

The National Collaborative for Creative Work was a space for bringing disruptive cultural innovators together to propel design and arts-led social transformation and public good.

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Featured researcher: Christine Lee

Between Classes: Season 2, Episode 6, Christine Lee

Christine Lee, assistant professor in the School of Art, talks with Herberger Institute Dean Steven Tepper about her passion for bridging art, design and engineering, which led to the work she does today. She also gives some insight into what her students are doing at Roden Crater in one of the first field labs conducted as part of ASU’s partnership with artist James Turrell.

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We support the scholarly inquiry, applied research and creative activity of more than 400 faculty.

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