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Building blocks to engage in ethical partnership and collaboration with communities.


Engaging with community

Engaging with community

Herberger Institute’s Design and Arts Corps developed courses on community engaged practices in arts and design. These modules are designed with artists and designers in mind, but may be adapted to anyone who has an interest in working in partnership and in community-engaged contexts.


Deborah Cullinan

Accessing inspiration and imagination

Deborah Cullinan, chief executive officer at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, shares how she wants to live in a world that is fueled by creativity – where everyone has access to inspiration and imagination.

Robert Bedoya

Composing the world

Roberto Bedoya, cultural affairs manager for the City of Oakland and creative placemaking policy fellow at ASU’s Herberger Institute, shares his ideas on the state of arts and culture in the U.S.

Maria Rosario Jackson

Helping to build communities for all

Herberger Institute and Watts Professor Maria Rosario Jackson, who leads the Studio for Creativity, Place and Equitable Communities at ASU, gives the keynote speech at ASU’s Social Embeddedness Network Conference, held virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carlton Turner

Tapping into that center of creativity

Carlton Turner, who joined ASU’s Herberger Institute as a policy fellow, explores why designers and artists are essential to society and to addressing critical issues and to transformation.

Maribel Alvarez

Using creativity to change the world

“I went to graduate school hungry to master the language that would allow me to articulate value for others … and that has been the greatest pleasure.” Herberger Institute policy fellow Maribel Alvarez shares how she uses her own creativity to change the world in this episode of “Between Classes with Steven Tepper.” Alvarez and Tepper also explore the importance of ritual, the aesthetics of the ordinary and what it means to be a folklorist.


Wanda Dalla Costa

Working with communities through design

As part of the Herberger Institute’s “Between Classes with Steven Tepper” series, Wanda Dalla Costa talks about celebrating and honoring indigenous cultures and working with communities through design. Dalla Costa, who is a member of the Saddle Lake First Nation, Alberta, is Institute Professor, with an appointment in The Design School.


Addressing social justice in a complex world

The Design School’s guest lecturers Liz Ogbu and Christine Gaspar join Herberger Institute and Watts Professor Maria Rosario Jackson for an episode of the Creativity and Place podcast. Ogbu, a designer, urbanist and social innovator, and Gaspar, the executive director of the Center for Urban Pedagogy, examine how designers can address social justice in a complex world.

Listen to "Creativity + Place: Episode 2, Liz Ogbu and Christine Gaspar" on Spreaker.

Centering collaborative and consensus based design

What does the most sustainable house on a reservation in the U.S. look like? Institute Professor Wanda Dalla Costa discusses Indigenous Placekeeping and value-based design in architectural practices. Her work in the Indigenous Design Collaborative centers collaborative and consensus based design which includes recovery of root culture, centering resident agency and the social cohesion that comes from building something together.

Listen to "Creativity + Place: Episode 7, Wanda Dalla Costa" on Spreaker.

Creating an ecology that is healthy, vibrant and equitable

Why are we here and who do we work for? This critical question is what centers Jennifer Cole’s work as the director of the National Accelerator for Cultural Innovation at ASU. In this episode of Creativity and Place, explore the role of Local Arts Agencies (LAA) and why it is important to work with communities to create an ecology that is healthy, vibrant and equitable.

Listen to "Creativity + Place: Episode 6, Jen Cole" on Spreaker.

AZ Creative Voices

Transforming communities together

What happens when artists are invited to contribute to community improvement efforts? AZ Creative Voices is a limited edition podcast series that chronicles the stories of Arizona cities, towns and neighborhoods who worked together in support of community transformation through the arts as part of the Arizona Creative Communities Institute. Producer Regina Revazova takes listeners on a tour of participating communities, highlighting the challenges and successes of this creative partnership; the potential of community-engaged work; and the many discoveries within teams and across the learning cohort as participants strengthened their collaborative skills.