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Viewing a virtual event

Viewing a virtual event

How do I view my virtual streamed event?

The Ticket Order Confirmation Receipt email received immediately after purchase contains a 'Watch Streamed Event here' link with a unique access code that links you directly to this streaming page. If the stream is not already displayed, confirm (or enter) the unique access code from the confirmation email into the PurplePass box on this page, and click 'Access Code' to view the streamed performance. Adjust video settings, as needed, and click full screen, if desired.

Trouble finding your ticket confirmation email? 

Purplepass Ticketing is the sender and the subject line will read 'Ticket Order Confirmation Receipt.' If you do not see the ticket confirmation email, please check your junk/spam folder. Contact hiboxoffice@asu.edu, if needed, to request that your ticket confirmation receipt email be sent again.

FAQ: Access Codes & Times

FAQ: Access Codes & Times

How do I get an access code?

A virtual event ticket must be purchased in order to receive an access code/link. Each virtual ticket purchased will have its own unique access code, which is included in the confirmation receipt email received immediately after purchase. If multiple virtual tickets are purchased in one transaction, the email confirmation will include multiple access codes.

Can I share my access code?

Access codes are unique, therefore, they should be kept private and not shared. If an access code has already been entered and is in use on one device and the same access code is entered again on another device, the original user's access will be disconnected

If additional access codes are needed, additional virtual tickets can be purchased by clicking on the Buy Tickets button.

Buy Tickets

When can I access my stream?

Access codes are only valid during designated event times, typically 15-30 minutes prior to the listed event start time (indicated in the confirmation email). If the code is entered too early (or late, past the performance end time), the stream will not be accessible. 

Contact Support

Contact Support

Could not access the stream?


Herberger Institute Box Office, hiboxoffice@asu.edu or

Purplepass support, 1-800-316-8559.

Virtual Event Programs

Virtual Event Programs