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ASU is committed to helping students thrive by offering tools that allow personalization of the transfer path to ASU. Students may use MyPath2ASU™️ to outline a list of recommended courses to take prior to transfer. ASU has transfer partnerships in Arizona and across the country to create a simplified transfer experience for students. These pathway programs include exclusive benefits, tools and resources, and help students save time and money in their college journey. Students may learn more about these programs by visiting the admission site:

As one of the nation’s top 10 institutions for undergraduate education, Arizona State University is committed to helping transfer students to create a seamless college journey to ASU. MyPath2ASU™ is your suite of customized self-service transfer tools that help you:

Save time and money by helping to plan your time to degree completion
Personalize course by course pathways to minimize loss of transfer credit

Track your degree progress in real-time through additional Transfer Guide tools like My Transfer Guide
Earn Guaranteed Admission and into major of choice if all requirements are satisfied.*

MyPath2ASU Transfer Student Story - Brooklyn

MyPath2ASU™ includes over 400 course by course major maps into on-ground and online ASU degrees. By picking and major and identifying your transfer institution, MyPath2ASU helps to identify what courses to take at your transfer institution for your ASU major.  Now every transfer student can fuel their own transfer experience.

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