Technical Support Analyst Senior

MIX Center

The MIX Center at Mesa City Center is looking for a motivated and talented individual to join our team as a Tech Support Analyst Sr.  This position provides support to users of information technology tools at Mesa City Center MIX Center, under the supervision of the Operations Director and the Director of Herberger Institute Information Technology Services. Work typically involves a combination of providing expert advice and troubleshooting, recommending products for purchase, acting as a service support leader, delivering instruction, using software applications to meet specialized needs, and communicating with customers, other technology specialists and vendors about services. This role will also work with advanced troubleshooting of technological issues, creating training resources and documentation for both coworkers and end users, as well as training and providing guidance to student workers. This applicant must be familiar with commonly used applications and hardware and show a willingness and a desire to improve processes, create, update, and maintain documentation to help ensure the effective use of computing resources. Excellent customer service skills are a must in this position. 

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