Assistant Director, Student Recruitment - Downtown Los Angeles

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts Office of the Dean

The Assistant Director of Student Recruitment assumes a crucial role within the Herberger Institute enrollment management team. This talent is pivotal in addressing Herberger Institute’s new student enrollment needs in Los Angeles. 

Responsibilities for the Assistant Director include fostering the success of Herberger Institute’s strategic enrollment initiatives in Los Angeles. This involves orchestrating recruitment activities, such as campus tours, lead generation, follow-ups, admissions events, one-on-one admissions counseling, and daily interactions with prospective students. 

The Assistant Director collaborates with other ASU team leaders to ensure seamless coverage and coordinated recruitment activities. These interdisciplinary teams collectively provide services through in-person interactions, phone communication, and electronic channels.

The Assistant Director, Student Recruitment's performance will be evaluated based on the successful execution of targeted recruitment events on and off-campus, the smooth operation of Herberger Institute new student recruitment visits and events in Los Angeles, meeting new student enrollment target, and the overall enhancement of student enrollment efforts in Los Angeles. Success in this role is synonymous with achieving excellence across these performance measures.

Under the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Enrollment’s direction, this position is responsible for coordinating and managing the Herberger Institute Office of Recruitment and Admissions, Los Angeles administrative functions to include the development and implementation of student recruitment and operations strategies. 

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