Resources for new students

Calling all new Sun Devils!

Next steps for transfers

1. Review the entrance requirements for your major

All the programs in the Herberger Institute require an additional step to be fully accepted into the major, with the exception of the BA in the Arts, BA in Art Studies, and the BA in Design Studies. Please review the additional program requirements related to your area of study by using the following links:

2. Complete online and In-person orientation

Transfer students new to Arizona State University are strongly encouraged to complete the Online Orientation module to ensure a successful transition and begin your Sun Devil story! The online orientation is available for incoming transfer students under your MyASU to-do list. We strongly encourage our newly admitted transfer students to attend an in-person orientation session on of the following dates. During this orientation, your Herberger academic advisor will discuss your curriculum and program requirements, how your transfer courses will apply to your degree, tools available to assist you during your academic career at ASU and help you to register for classes. You will also have an opportunity to meet and connect with fellow classmates and peers.

On your My ASU, you will see you have an advising hold. To have this hold removed, we invite you to attend one of our Herberger Institute Transfer Student Orientations.

Programming includes:

  • Herberger Institute Overview
  • Q & A with current ASU students who transferred in last year
  • Tours of classrooms and related facilities for your major
  • Free lunch with advisors, faculty, and Career Services
  • Individual, 1-on-1 appointment with an Academic Advisor
  • Registration for Fall Classes
  • Attending to any other campus business: ASU ID Card, Financial Aid, Textbooks, Immunizations, etc.

Click on one of the following dates in order to register for your orientation:

  • Check back soon for more dates!

If you have issues scheduling or questions about the orientation process please contact the Herberger Office of Student Success at 480-965-4495.

3. Transferring your credits

Transfer coursework taken at Arizona public institutions will automatically articulate to ASU. To view how your Arizona coursework transfers to ASU, visit the online Transfer Credit Guide. All transfer work that does not automatically articulate needs to be entered into the ASU transfer credit website.

As a transfer student, if you have design or arts coursework completed at another institution and you wish to try to get equivalent credit at ASU, you will need to submit additional material in order for your coursework to be evaluated. Some studio courses may not transfer as equivalent but can be counted as electives.

4. Placement exams


If you need to take any math classes at ASU, you must take the Math Placement Test in order to register for a math course and to determine the appropriate math course that matches your skill level. The test can be taken online at the Math Placement website. You may take the exam a maximum of two (2) times, and your score determines your placement in a math class your first semester.

If you have passed a college–level math course with a grade of C or higher, you are not required to take the math placement exam, but you must bring a copy of your unofficial transcript to your orientation session and submit a final, official copy of your college transcript to:

Admission Services Applicant Processing
Arizona State University
PO Box 871004
Tempe AZ 85287-1004


If you did not take the ACT or SAT test or if you are not transferring an English composition course from another institution, you may have to take the English placement test – Accuplacer.

For more information on testing, visit University Testing Services.

5. Submit documentation of Measles vaccination

You must have your immunization history recorded submitted to ASU Health Services and provide documentation that you have had two measles vaccinations (one of which must be dated after 1979) or a lab test showing proof of immunity to the measles (rubeola). The MMR vaccine is available for a fee at any of ASU's health services locations.

Students must submit the MMR Immunization Form before they can register for classes. A student will see a MMR Immunization hold under "My Tasks" on My ASU until measles information is received and verified. For additional information about the MMR Immunization requirement, visit the Health Services website or call 480-965-8177. Records may be faxed to 480-965-8914.

6. Activating your ASURITE ID

In addition to meeting with an advisor, in order to register for classes, students must have activated your ASURITE ID, which can be found in the materials you have received from the ASU Undergraduate Admissions office. Your ASU ID number and PIN are your key to accessing various services at ASU.

7. Housing option

The Herberger Institute offers the Arcadia Residential Community for Design and the Arts as an on-campus housing option for Herberger students. If you are interested in reserving a place in Arcadia, please visit the University Housing website or see more information on housing and dining rates.

8. Fall 2019 classes

Fall 2019 classes begin on Thursday, August 22, 2019. Please visit the ASU Transfer Students website to learn more about the enrollment process at ASU.