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Design/Arts Entrepreneurship In, With, and For Communities

Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs announces a new program for Herberger Institute students who want to develop a creative enterprise to make positive change in their own community. 

Entrepreneurship + Innovation at ASU received funding from The Kauffman Inclusion Challenge “to help female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color achieve higher rates of success.” Entrepreneurship + Innovation at ASU has provided seed money from this program to Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs to pilot a new incubation infrastructure for students who want to develop a creative enterprise to make positive social change in their own community.

Design/Arts Entrepreneurship In, With, and For Communities intentionally links the forward thinking vision of The Herberger Institute together with the goals of inclusive entrepreneurship to support design/arts entrepreneurs who are developing enterprises that use design and/or art to effect positive change in their communities, and in collaboration with those communities. In doing so, we will transform the successful legacy of the Pave Arts Venture Incubator into a new model for enterprise support administered through Herberger Institute Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Programs, one that proactively engages with students interested in serving communities inclusively and collaboratively.

The new pilot program serves student design/arts entrepreneurs with a vision to make community change through creative enterprise development. Applications are being solicited from Herberger Institute students whose venture idea is developed in collaboration with a specific ethnic community or community of color and whose goal is to make positive change in that community. Two student teams will be selected to receive venture seed funding up to $2500 and a project mentor. Accepted students must commit to taking THP598/494 Arts Venture Incubation during the spring 2018 semester to find a sustainable business model for their enterprise and a Design and Arts Corps course to develop community engagement strategies. 

Application date extended to Novemer 6, 2017.

How to Apply

Pave Arts Venture Incubator

The Pave Arts Venture Incubator (2007-2017) provided an experiential learning opportunity for self-motivated student teams with big ideas. Students learned principles of entrepreneurship by launching an arts-based venture. They are accepted into the incubator following a competitive granting process to develop a venture of their own with program guidance and seed funding. In addition to seed funding, the incubator activities include pre-proposal workshops; review and feedback on preliminary proposals and final proposals; an arts venture incubation course; mentorship; pitch opportunities; access to student entrepreneurship services; and grant administration.

Pave seeks to encourage creativity and innovation in the arts by helping self-motivated student teams develop and grow new projects that:

  • Advance innovative forms of creative expression in the arts.
  • Combine existing arts disciplinary knowledge in original ways.
  • Make innovative use of existing technologies to support the creation of artistic work.
  • Develop new technology for the creation, delivery or dissemination of creative work in the arts.
  • Initiate the creation of new business models to advance and support the arts.
  • Create and develop innovative arts education concepts and programs in the community.

The incubator has helped three dozen student teams develop their enterprising ideas. Many of these are going concerns that have become part of the cultural fabric of Arizona and beyond.

The 2016-2017 Arts Venture Incubator Class

  • Duo – Initiated by doctoral student of music education Ryan Bledsoe, is an innovative musical playground and educational experience where children and adults play together with new technological sound-making objects to enhance their thinking, environment and relationships. Duo provides a space to keep musical learning playful and creative.
  • DogEar Theatre Company – Led by MFA candidate in the Theatre for Youth program Danica Rosengren, is devoted to developing interactive, immersive theatrical experiences for elementary school-aged children. Working with community partners, DogEar will conduct residencies in schools, libraries and community spaces.
  • Femme Powered Productions – Micky Small, team leader, is an MFA candidate in the interdisciplinary digital media and performance program.  Her "brainchild" Femme Powered Productions, seeks to diversify and expand superhero narratives in an effort to empower women. It is a character-based entertainment company featuring a story universe of new, diverse female superheros in a variety of media.

Enterprises Launched During the 2015-2016 Year

Enterprises Launched During the 2014-2015 Year

Other Enterprises Launched Since 2006 Include

  • Simply Three Trio - Three music students expanded their capacity to develop engaging classical string treatments of pop hits.
  • Join and Cast Ventures – Two art (intermedia) students, Jennifer Campbell and Catherine Akins, produced a field guide to the downtown Phoenix arts scene that is itself a work of art.
  • Dance and Health Together (DaHt, Inc.) – Initiated by ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre undergraduate student Mary Porter, DaHT presents opportunities that develop awareness of the mind and body connection through dance. DaHT is now a self-sustaining 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in its third year of operation.
  • Different from What? Film Festival - ASU School of Arts, Media and Engineering graduate student Lisa Tolentino, in collaboration with education student Federico Waitoller, produced a film festival focused on films by, for and about adults with disabilities. The project was so successful, it eventually became part of an ongoing program at ASU.
  • UrbanSTEW - An artists collective that grew out of three Pave-seeded projects, UrbanSTEW is a 501(c)3 corporation now in its sixth year of operation in Tempe.
  • Progressive Theatre Workshop – Founded by an undergraduate theatre major and his creative collaborators, Progressive Theatre Workshop is an independent 501(c)3 corporation that develops new work created by the group. Progressive Theatre Workshop’s production of "Shots: A Love Story" was presented locally and at the New York International Fringe Festival. Now based in New York City, PTW recently produced "God Hates This Show" at the HERE Arts Center.
  • Formatted Pictures - An independent film production company founded by undergraduate Daniel Tantalean to support filmmaking that addresses contemporary social issues.
  • Blue Bike Kids Show for Kids - An Arizona Limited Liability Corporation founded by then graduate student Boyd Branch and two ASU theatre alumni to teach kids about science in a highly theatricalized and portable format.