Sonja Chen


Sonja holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from Huashang College, Guangdong University of Finance & Economics. In 2016 she interned at the Shantou Museum, which was established in 1960 as the research and display center of Shantou Culture. This work gave her the opportunity to participate in organizing an exhibition of Chaoshan History and Culture.

She currently works for NewLeaper, which is a fashion program in China helping people get a chance to participate in fashion week around the world.

What drew you to the Mike Curb MA in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership program?

Through working in the fields of business, art, design, and museums, I found my interest to study art leadership. This is the perfect combination of administrative knowledge and art practice. 

What do you hope to accomplish during your time in the program?

I will focus on art leadership and design. I believe that it will help me gain a deeper understanding of creative enterprise and culture leadership. The cultural leadership program on a graduate level will lay a solid foundation in my future work in design industry, such as fashion, architecture and interior design.