Mike Curb Programs in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership

Ricardo Leon

Ricardo Leon


Ricardo Leon is a Herberger Alumni who received a BFA in Intermedia Art from the School of Art. Ricardo’s had duel focus in Video art and Public Practice art, which he continues to practice and is an integral part of the work he is currently undertaking in the Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership program. Ricardo work has involved using multimedia as a platform for serving the arts and creating networks between artists. Ricardo’s next project is a multiplatform, multimedia network focused on amplifying and advocating for the arts through an aggregate of diverse voices.

What is something you’ve learned in the Mike Curb MA in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership program that will shape your future work?

I have learned that meaningful and sustainable art practices are possible with an entrepreneurial spirit and manageable goals.

Keywords: Multimedia, Public Practice, Social Media, Streaming Media, Arts Advocacy