Mike Curb Programs in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership

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Marie Zoelle


Marie Zoelle is the Creative Director at Evening Entertainment Group (EEG) where she is passionate about developing brands and creative strategies in the entertainment industries. She manages the fast-paced creation of assets across multiple brands while ensuring that each concept’s vision is not only upheld but continues to grow for EEG’s eleven restaurant and nightlife concepts in Arizona, Illinois, and Texas. Marie holds a BA in graphic design from Iowa State University and a certificate in art education from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Before moving to Arizona in 2013, she taught fine art and graphic design for 11 years at De Pere High School where she developed the graphic design program.  

What is something you’ve learned in the Mike Curb MA in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership program that will shape your future work?

Meeting highly successful leaders in the creative industries and hearing their unique stories has increased my awareness and ability to recognize and grow talent. As a leader, it has taught me to mentally step outside of my own mindset to become a constant observer.