The Field Experience course is a central component of the Mike Curb Master of Arts in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership curriculum. This trip is a unique opportunity for students to be immersed in the creative and cultural industries of a specific city (outside of Phoenix Metro) in order to experience how art design, and culture can shape communities and economies. Students participate in a field excursion to a destination such as Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, or another city to learn from professionals and industry leaders who are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and forging new ways of connecting arts to other fields and to the city. The curriculum is designed to demonstrate the ways in which innovation and creative work in the cultural sector impact a city writ large.

Previous trips have included sessions with the Apollo TheatreMaker City LA, Creative Arts Agency, Sony Studios, Creative Capital, NEW INC and BAM among other organizations and initiatives. Opportunities for networking with interdisciplinary professionals and to participate in local art and design events are also a part of the trip schedule.

Reflections from students

"I was very interested to see what BAM and New Museum + New INC were doing as I am very interested in seeing how museums are innovating and responding to 21st century society and its challenges. However, I am also interested in how cultural organizations can collaborate to meet greater goals, so getting the perspective from Creative Capital, NY Live Arts, Apollo Theater et al was helpful to get the breadth and depth of the needs of cultural institutions across the board and begin thinking about how they can better collaborate rather than compete."

“I loved the opportunity to learn directly from and mingle with such inspiring leaders from a wide variety of arts organizations with impressive histories and cultural connections.”

“The opportunity to speak with cultural leaders in the most robust environment for such things was far more invaluable than I could have imagined. Those we spoke with were so incredibly generous and I felt as though this insider experience was highly unique.”

“Thinking about community engagement, cultural assets and the significance of place and space the tour and discussion offered insights into these elements on a tangible and relevant level.”

The Alumni mixer was extremely important. Being able to meet alums from ASU and discuss their journey with all of the helpful advice was very impactful.

The Curb Creative Connection in Nashville, Tennessee introduced us to artist activism, the impact of networking, community development and the importance of collaborating with others around us. The program taught us about the impact the arts have within society and its ability to drive social change. This was such a great opportunity and an amazing experience!