Mike Curb Programs in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership


Enterprise and Entrepreneurship curriculum available through Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Degrees and programs



  • HDA 111 Arts and Society. This course will introduce students to the interplay between art and society, particularly how one influences the other.
  • HDA 252 Foundations of Arts Entrepreneurship: Study of skills and knowledge foundational to an entrepreneurial approach to art making and arts management. Through exercises, readings, online discussion and projects, you will develop greater capacity to support your actualization and self-efficacy as an artist.
  • HDA 311 Work and Careers in the Creative Industries. This course will introduce students to fundamental questions in the study of work and careers in the cultural and creative industries, including an overview of historical changes in the relationship between the individual and their work environment; comparisons between different types of work arrangements (part-time, freelance, internships); and practical implications for contemporary workers.
  • HDA 420 Design and the Arts Business Administration: Design and the arts business seminar course that covers core business principles for design or arts businesses such as human resources, legal issues, accounting and finance. Asks with each of these areas how these disciplines uniquely work within design or arts settings. Investigates global business topics and discusses why ethics is integral to every design or arts business enterprise. Provides a broad understanding of design or arts business activities and practices, allowing more effective participation in business discussions in the future.
  • THP 452 Arts Entrepreneurship Seminar: Challenges students to learn how individuals have used their creative skills to create new arts business models. Case studies examine how creativity can spur new opportunities in the arts industry. Students complete their own project proposals.
  • GRA 440 Finding Purpose: Career orientation in the creative professions, including value clarification, decision making, lifestyle planning, goal setting and expression of individual talents.
  • MUP 494 The Enterprising Musician
  • MUP 494 Music Product Creation and Development
  • FMP 494 Business of Media Industries


  • HDA 511 Leadership in the Creative and Cultural Industries: Introduction to the concept of the creative industries through facilitated discussion with leaders in the field
  • HDA 512 Strategy: Problem Definition and Opportunity Recognition - a first semester course in in the MA in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership in which students identify one or more opportunities that they will address methodologically and practically throughout their course of study
  • HDA 513 Creativity and Design Thinking: Creativity studies and design thinking methodology, whereby creative ideas are brought to fruition
  • HDA 521 Arts, Culture, and the Economy: Issues of the economics of arts and culture; role of art, design and media in society.
  • HDA 522 Media Literacy and Distribution in the Creative Industries: Intellectual property in the media age, distribution of creative products, media entrepreneurship
  • THP 552 Arts Entrepreneurship: Project-based course in new venture creation for the arts.
  • MUP 598 The Enterprising Musician
  • MUP 598 Music Product Creation and Development
  • FMP 598 Business of Media Industries

Other courses of interest

  • THP 351 Management and the Arts: Management, organizational behavior and human behavior in the arts; marketing, financing and budgeting for the arts.
  • THP 551 Arts Management: Advanced study of the principles and practices of arts management in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors
  • AME 494/598 Rapid Prototyping through Somatic Research