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The MA program in music with a concentration in musicology focuses on the scholarly study of musical style, musical terminology, reception, historiography, biography and transdisciplinary topics.

Faculty members provide and participate in multisensory learning experiences concerning forms and genres, performance practices, instruments, spaces, philosophies, musical infrastructures and geographic locations. The faculty include leading scholars pursuing a wide range of interests in Western and non-Western music, particularly traditions in the Americas and Eastern Europe, Medieval music cultures, the nineteenth century, jazz, music in popular cultures, musical modernism and experimentalism, improvisation, sound studies, ecomusicology, dance and embodiment, and music's role in wellbeing.

Students work in individual and small group settings to identify research topics of interest culminating in a final thesis.

Program offered

Music (Musicology), MA

Offered by
Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts


Plan of study

The Plan of study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Program requirements

Required Core (14 credit hours)
MHL 532 Music Bibliography (3)
MHL 691 Seminars (6)
music theory (5)

Electives (8 credit hours)
music electives (5-8)
open electives (0-3)

Other Requirement (2 credit hours)
performance ensembles (2)

Culminating Experience (6 credit hours)
MHL 599 Thesis (6)

Additional Curriculum Information
Completion of diagnostic exams in music history and music theory is required of all new graduate music students prior to enrollment in courses for these programs through the ASU School of Music. This will be tracked internally within the academic unit.

At least 20 credit hours of this program must be in the field of music history and literature.

Appropriate elective coursework will be reviewed and approved by the academic unit prior to inclusion on the student's plan of study. Students may not apply more than three credit hours of ethnomusicology courses toward their plan of study.

A passing grade on the foreign language exam in French, German, Italian or Spanish is required for graduation.

Additional information on degree requirements for all graduate music programs may be found on the check sheets.

Information about this program

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