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The MA in art with a concentration in art history is a comprehensive degree program designed to train students to engage with visuality in multiple ways. It offers a diverse curriculum intended to foster critical understanding of aesthetics, production, patronage and consumption of art. Nine internationally recognized faculty members offer classes across many cultures, time periods and geographies, using multiple approaches and methodologies. The program stresses intersections between disciplines, borders, margins, points of mediation and technological developments throughout history. The graduate curriculum offers focused study in the areas of images and digital technologies, art in social and political contexts, and histories and theories of visual culture.

Program offered

Art History, MA

Offered by
Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts


Plan of study

The Plan of study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Program requirements

Required Core (3 credit hours)
ARS 501 Methodologies and Art History (3)

Focus Area Coursework (12 credit hours)
Seminars (12)

Electives (6 credit hours)

Research (3 credit hours)
ARS 592 Research (3)

Culminating Experience (6 credit hours)
ARS 599 Thesis (6)

Additional Curriculum Information

This program must include a minimum of 24 hours in art history, with at least 12 of these earned in 500-level seminars.

Four courses in the areas shown below are required, with two of these courses outside the geographical area of specialization:

Contemporary (inc. Photo)
Latin America
Native American Indian

For elective coursework, students may choose to take either 500-level courses in art history or related areas, such as in anthropology, history, museum studies, religion, or up to six hours of the following omnibus courses:

ARS 584 Internship
ARS 590 Reading and Conference
ARS 592 Research

Students must have reading knowledge of one research language in addition to English. The selected language needs to be appropriate for the area of research concentration and must be approved by the faculty mentor. This requirement can be met by taking a language for reading knowledge course in the School of International Letters and Cultures with a grade of B or better or by passing the Graduate Foreign Language Examination offered by SILC, which requires a fee.

Information about this program

Visit the School of Art website for full details.