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Love is in the air with these Sun Devil stories

Faculty and alumni share their stories — how they met and how they've kept the fire burning through life's ups and downs

Love finds us all at different times and takes us to different places — just ask these Sun Devil faculty and alumni.

ASU Now picked the brains — and hearts — of three Arizona State University couples who have stood the test of time. We asked them for their tips and advice on how to keep the fire burning through life's ups and downs. Here's what they had to say:

Below, listen to their individual stories.

Instant Connection

Foundation Professor Devoney Looser and Professor George Justice, both of the Department of English, fell in love over a drink at the Javelina Cantina in Tucson while attending the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies conference. The two of them found their friends drifting away, and before the night was over there was a declaration of marriage on the table.

To find out more about their story, listen as they talk about the institution of marriage, Jane Austen and love-filled emails:

Drifting through love

For music Professor Mike Kocour and Heather Landes, director of the School of Music, love happened at different times. On their first date, Heather couldn't help but notice the cute jazz pianist playing in the club, who also happened to have a locker next to hers. Mike — so lost in his music — finally saw "this beautiful girl" weeks later as she crossed the street. 

Find out who initiated the date that has led to 35 years of love:

Friendship first

Brian and Leah Swanton met each other on their first day of classes at ASU, where they were both in the urban planning program. Brian was young — 17 at the time — and felt like Leah was out of his league. This year they are celebrating 25 years together, their three beautiful daughters and the scholarship they recently created for current ASU students, The Brian and Leah Swanton Urban Planning Scholarship.

To learn more about what led to love after four years of friendship, listen here:

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