Inspiring alumni, a new podcast and more — Herberger Institute highlights from June 2019

Inspiring alumni, a new podcast and more — Herberger Institute highlights from June 2019

In our June highlights, read about the incredible work our alumni and students are doing and about the groundbreaking initiatives and partnerships at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University.

Inspiring change

ASU dance alum J Bouey (left). Photo by Maria Baranova.

“This company position means that the work that systemic oppression required me to do to succeed has placed me in a position where my voice might be heard better.” — J. Bouey

Dance alum J. Bouey is joining the renowned Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company in New York City, and hopes to use his new position to inspire change in the dance world.

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Conversations with artists

DBR Lab (from left): Caress, Sara “Saza” Kent, Daniel Bernard Roumain, Adele Woodson, Jedd “Rellian” Greenhalgh, Malena Grosz. Not pictured: Jordan Klitzke. Photos by Keegan Carlton.

“As a Black, Haitian-American composer, I wanted to have conversations with other artists that could share and understand how wonderfully diverse our field is, in terms of how we identify and define our bodies, passions, politics and work.” — Daniel Bernard Roumain

Institute Professor Daniel Bernard Roumain launched DBR Lab with a group of Herberger Institute students and alums. Through creative sessions, one-on-one meetings, local and national performances, and more, the lab has established itself as a class, concert experience and arts collective.

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Reshaping the American Museum

Students overlooking the Northern Arizona landscape from the rim of Roden Crater. Photo by Jordan Neel.

“I hope the audacity of ASU taking this on in such a significant institutional way could be inspiring to other organizations and institutions to think of different kinds of partners to advance their support of art and artists and be impactful in their communities.” — Olga Viso

In its summer edition, which explores the state of American museums in the 21st century, ARTnews says the unprecedented partnership between ASU and James Turrell’s Roden Crater “has much to teach museums.”

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A new podcast

We recently launched a new podcast on creativity, place and equitable communities. In the first episode, Institute Professor Maria Rosario Jackson explores the foundations of creative placemaking with Jason Schupbach, director of The Design School and former director of design and creative placemaking programs for the NEA.

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Spotlight on our initiatives

Dontá McGilvery speaks at Celebrate Eastlake. Photo by Tim Trumble.

“Community-based theatre is a unique avenue for public engagement; it is a creative way of convening the community to discuss vital issues and celebrate important milestones.” — Dontá McGilvery

Through their company, Sleeveless Acts, theatre for youth graduate students Dontá McGilvery and Claire Redfield collaborated with our Design and Arts Corps initiative to celebrate the Eastlake Park community in Phoenix last month. After months of gathering community stories from both elders and youth, they created an intergenerational and site-specific performance to honor Eastlake’s past, while inspiring people to build its future.

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By the numbers

This month’s number is 908! When ASU launched the sexual violence prevention initiative CounterAct, with creative partnership from the Herberger Institute, one of the goals was to catalyze 880 creative acts to counter the 880 acts of sexual violence that occur each day in the United States. CounterAct exceeded that goal with 908 creative actions against sexual violence. Counteractions included a performance that reimagined individual and collective masculine experiences, the creation of an Amazon Alexa Skill that gives relevant answers on how to combat sexual harassment and sexual violence, an arts-based exhibition exploring how the current conversation about sexual violence has been a re-occuring theme throughout history and a panel discussion on experiences of people with visible or invisible disabilities in the realm of relationships, sex and sexuality.

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In pictures

A sneak peek at the ASU Art Museum’s summer shows: “Clayblazers,” “Change Agent,” “Metzilocan” and “Talking to Action” currently on view at the museum, and “Particle and Wave” on view at the Ceramics Research Center.

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