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NEXT EVENT: Sunday April 14 2019
7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

TheatreLAB: 'The Vampire Mosquito'

“The Vampire Mosquito” is a new “film noire” satire that explores very human political issues and tensions – racism, gentrification, post-colonial societies – through an anthropomorphic world run by insects and birds. Someone has been murdering the mosquitos of Honolulu-Flytown, and the police don’t have any leads. As the bodies pile up, Bird Detective Hawi Palila turns to Joe Fly, private eye, to help solve the crime. But will Joe be able to catch the killer? Or will he be caught in the web of lies spun around him? Written by A.R. Corwin. Directed by Michael Scholar.

TheatreLAB is a series of staged readings of new and original works in development. All proceeds from ticket sales go toward a scholarship fund for ASU theater students.

For more information please contact:
School of Film, Dance and Theatre
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