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NEXT EVENT: Thursday November 16 2017
3 p.m.-4 p.m.

'Sounding out the City with Unseen Media' by Lyn Goeringer

By considering the presence of electromagnetic wave field within the context of the history of electromagnetic induction and the meanings and implications throughout history for magnetic force, this talk invites us to question how we engage with, produce and document our relationship with EMF.  Drawing on the EMF based sound art of Christina Kubish, Joe Banks and Joyce Hinterding, we will talk about how these artworks and the technology that used to make them provides insight into the unseen world of electricity. We will also have a chance to use devices that allow the user to listen into the ambient wave fields present in the environment.

Lyn Goeringer’s research focuses on video/visual media and sonic interactive approaches to public space and site-specific art practices with a particular focus on the experience of the body in space. At the center of this research are questions about how we as individuals create and navigate space and the ways in which larger government infrastructures influence how we navigate public and private spheres. These questions drive her artistic practice and have led her to work within a variety of media, including video, body-centered cybernetic performance art that explores notions of privacy, wearable controllers, audio walks and public sound art. In addition to creative projects and video production, Goeringer’s writings focus primarily on the relationship of  bodies with power and how bodies of power influence our daily lives. Currently, she is an assistant professor of composition at Michigan State University, where she teaches courses in electronic music, digitally mediated performance, improvisation and experimental film. She received her doctorate from Brown University in 2011, and a Master in Fine Arts from Bard College in 2005.

She currently is working on several short video works that explore ideas of memory, home and nationalism. 


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