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9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Ryan Eckert: Grace Returning (by appointment)

Exhibition open by appointment during gallery hours from Mar. 16 to 27.

Ryan Eckert’s paintings explore the relationship between the self and surroundings. Flowers and windows are reoccurring motifs in his work that become figurative with a sense of longing and searching. His paintings display a range of physical beauty that Eckert compares to the impulsive beauty of life’s temptations as well as its overwhelming joys. Each poetic painting is on an individual journey that spans different stages of life, from birth to death and finally ascension. Eckert’s work is a journal where every page is left open, describing a personal life of faith and spirit which, though tainted by his own inner desires and ambitions, culminates in a warm, peaceful acceptance of salvation.

This exhibition can be viewed by appointment during gallery hours, Monday through Friday from 9–5 p.m. To schedule an appointment, please contact galleries@asu.edu.

 Image: Studio view of Eckert's paintings and sculptures

For more information please contact:
Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts
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