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Out of Time

Exhibition runs Nov. 6 through Dec. 1. Opening reception will be held Nov. 9 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

"Out of Time " is a Society for Literature, Science and Art conference exhibition. Artists in the show include: Maria Whiteman, Marina Zurkow, Rebecca Cummins, Adriene Jenik, Brad Necyk, Mark Klett, Jane Prophet, Carolyn F. Strauss, David Tinapple, Katherine Behar and Andy Brown. 

This exhibition will run in parallel with the 2017 conference of the Society for Literature, Science and Art. The conference and the exhibition will deal with the topic of “deep time” and the complexities of living within multiple human and nonhuman temporalities. In particular, the title “Out of Time” highlights the fact that anthropos (humanity) is constituted by temporalities that are in excess of it. The human race is out of time.

This is evident in the visible geological strata of our desert environment, simultaneously inhospitable to a dense human population yet the locus of our urban center, made possible through scaffolded layers of technology. As the Phoenix, Arizona, area bears witness, humans dwell amid an array of commensurate and incommensurate temporalities: geological, biological, technological and financial.

The exhibition will display artwork related to the themes of the conference created by international, local and Arizona State University artists. Themes include "non human temporalities," "species extinction," "life after humans," "slow time," "the long now," "time and capital," "accelerationism," "time and computing," "digital temporalities," "bio-political time," "synthetic time" and "who owns the future?"

The artworks include print work, video installation, sound installation and interactive installation. The purpose of the exhibition is to allow for the visual, sonic and tangible exploration of the conference themes as well as provide a social hub for those attending the conference. 

Image courtesy of Mark Klett

For more information please contact:
Grant Vetter
Fine Art
Art Building, Harry Wood Gallery, Tempe campus