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NEXT EVENT: Saturday February 15 2020
12 p.m.-5 p.m.

Megan Johnson: Nightwatch

Exhibition runs Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 6 to 15.

"Nightwatch," an MFA thesis exhibition by Megan Johnson, examines landscape painting by reworking the historical “Nocturne Painting” in a contemporary light, resulting in the creation of new images of the sublime. Inspiration for this work comes from the physical exploration of the Sonoran desert at night, grounded in themes relating to the passing of time, environment and place. Through large-scale landscape painting, the show explores the ephemeral quality of the delicate desert landscape, while calling attention to the connection to human life and other forms of life within a given space and how they interact with one another. “Nightwatch” transports viewers into a space for intense discovery of shapes, layers, and colors to disappear and reappear throughout the viewing experience.

Image: Megan Johnson, "Life after Death," 2020, oil and oil pastel on oil paper, 58''x38''

For more information please contact:
Mikey Foster Estes
Fine Arts
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