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NEXT EVENT: Thursday October 26 2017
12 p.m.-5 p.m.

La Dolce Vita

Exhibition runs from Oct. 23–27

"La Dolce Vita: A BFA Thesis Exhibition" displays works created by Hye Young Yun, Michael Stewart, Dawn Alexander and Lauren Cheney. Each artist uses painting to explore and express their world in a unique way.

“My inspiration came from the nostalgia that I felt from my family engaged in their daily lives in the past. My strong feelings of missing such days are what makes my art alive so that the experiences can be shared with other people through the artwork. In my work, I created aesthetics utilizing the relationship of subjects, colors, textures, contrast and unify them all to create a story.” — Hye young Yun

“I am an artist from the USA that started my career at Top Cow productions drawing comic books. I am now interested in oil painting and focus mainly on figures and illustrations.” — Michael Stewart

“My art is more like the abstract expressionism of the 1950’s in the United States. I enjoy experimenting with colors and movement to express emotion. Sometimes I include photography or miscellaneous objects which to give my art more of a collage feel.” — Dawn Alexander

“I am fascinated with the complexity and beauty of the human body. Not one figure I use as a reference for my work contains the same detail, providing an endless amount of discovery for me as a growing artist.” - Lauren Cheney

Images courtesy of the artists

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