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9 a.m.-5 p.m.

India Inked!

Exhibition runs Oct. 9–20

"India Inked!,an exhibition of prints, brings together eighteen artists who have roots in India, its history and culture. Some artists explore new methods and forms while others attempt to expand the possibilities of conventional methods of printmaking. These artists respond to diverse contemporary experiences within and outside of India. Certain sensibilities and ideas linked to India and its cultural forms connect the artworks in this exhibition.

Originally co-curated by Nirmal Raja and Santhosh Sakhinala, this transnational effort is quite unique in the sense that it focuses on a medium often neglected in India as a secondary art form to painting and sculpture, yet it has survived and has even flourished and is now undergoing a new renaissance.

Some of the work is deeply personal, some political and some about everyday life — it is work that evokes empathy despite coming from across the globe.

Exhibiting Artists: Preeti Aggarwal, Moutushi Chakraborty, Sudhakar Chippa, Nandini Chirimar, Anujan Ezhikode, Indrani Nayar Gall, Sarojini Johnson, Ina Kaur, Arup Kuity, Shaurya Kumar, Viraj Mithani, Kurma Nadham, Sangeeta Reddy, Srabani Sarkar, Shyam Sharma, Karuna Sukka, Shantanu Suman and Gouri Vemula.

Image courtesy of Shyam Sharma.

For more information please contact:
Grant Vetter
Fine Art
Art Building, Harry Wood Gallery, Tempe campus