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NEXT EVENT: Thursday September 28 2017
3 p.m.-4 p.m.

'Immersion, Interaction and Participation in Art and Technology' by Marije Baalman


Coming from a diverse background of physics, electronic music, larp and just “making things”, Marije Baalman has been involved in a number of projects that are on the border between art and technology. The projects involve live performance (Wezen – Gewording, Chrysalis, Wind Instrument), installations (Just Noticeable Difference, N-Polytope, Sonobotanics), as well as R&D projects creating frameworks for sound spatialisation (Wave Field Synthesis), and wireless sensing technologies for use in artistic projects (Sense/Stage). The red line through this work is finding ways to create engaging environments for an audience by means of real-time interaction and evolving processes. Currently, she is moving toward creating multi participant environments, attempting to bring her experience from creating interactive works together with her experience with creating and playing larp.

During the talk, she will present some of the projects that she has worked on in the past years and how they were developed and presented.


Marije Baalman is an artist and researcher/developer working in the field of interactive sound art.

She has a diverse background in Applied Physics, Acoustics, Electronic Music, Computation Arts and Interactive Technologies, and has studied and researched at the TU Delft, TU Berlin, and Concordia University (Montr\'eal). Her current research goes into the use of wireless networks for live performance (such as dance and music), installations and interactive environments.

She is currently working as a freelancer both creating her own artistic work and developing hardware and software for other artists. To realize her works she mostly uses open source technology (software and hardware) and she is an active contributor to the open source community. She is a member of the artist collective Instrument Inventors Initiative (iii) in The Hague.



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