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NEXT EVENT: Tuesday June 29 2021
9 a.m.-10 a.m.

Festivals and Social Impact

A conversation with Maria Rosario Jackson, Maribel Alvarez and Bernard G. Siquieros on the intentional process of community building before, during and after a festival as demonstrated by the annual heritage arts festival Tucson Meet Yourself in Tucson, Arizona. How does a festival do more than just bring together people for a moment, but foster long-term community belonging, cultural resilience and social cohesion as well? Come join the conversation to hear more. Register online for the free talk. This panel is hosted by the Herberger Institute’s Studio for Creativity, Place and Equitable Communities.


Photo: Tucson Meet Yourself festival, courtesy of Southwest Folklife Alliance Photo courtesy of Southwest Folklife Alliance.

For more information please contact:
Christina Park
Studio for Creativity, Place and Equitable Communities