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Conny Groenewegen will introduce her work and underlying working methods. Specifically, she will talk about the Fashion Machine project on which she collaborates with Adam Nocek, director of Laboratory for Critical Technics (LCT). Fashion Machine addresses questions around the clothing industry’s insanely overactive production mechanism, the devaluation of labor and the "design away perspective" inspired by an essay from Cameron Tonkinwise.

Conny Groenewegen is a 3-D textile designer, researcher, fashion designer, applied artist, teacher and creative consultant. She develops knitted fabrics that are used in her re-couture collection for Electric Co. and various interior applications. She also conducts research into the use of knitted and knotted materials in architectural constructions. Conny teaches fashion design at ArtEZ Arnhem and HKU Utrecht and she is a consultant for design and creative research at EeStairs. 

For more information please contact:
Andrew Luna
School of Arts, Media, and Engineering
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