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NEXT EVENT: Thursday September 21 2017
3 p.m.-4 p.m.

Building Secret Passages. To Die the Least I Can. Art Engagement at the Service of Life.

I never wanted to be an artist. And I don’t know if I am. I just like to do things I like with people I like that could stimulate new perceptions and new questions in the audience. Nature gave me eyes, but art gave me the sense that allows my own perception of things. I started to do artwork at the age of forty, but I am ready to stop at any time. What I do uses computer science, music, dance, theatre for me to bring matter together through code. The code allows me to look for secret passages between materials and forms. For them to express their potential. And to raise, hopefully, new experiences and new questions about life.

Armando Menicacci studied dance (Vaganova technique and various contemporary approaches), piano and music composition. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in musicology from La Sapienza University in Rome and a doctorate from l’Université de Paris 8, about the use of digital technology in dance. He taught in Paris 8. After he left Paris 8 University, he was a professor of contemporary art at the Ecole Media Arts in Chalon Sur Saone from 2009–2014 and has also taught at Bilgi University (Istanbul, in various Brazilian Universities as well as in Architect Schools in Paris and London). He is currently professor at the Dance Department at the Université du Quebec in Montreal and member of Hexagram, leading its research axis international network for research-creation in media arts, design, technology and digital culture (www.hexagram.uqam.ca)

Armando Menicacci artistic production started with Digital Flesh group with Christian Delécluse (www.digitalflesh.org) in 2005 with interactive installations and choreographic projects. He is continuing now alone with theatrical projects and in the group with interactive immersive and performative full-dome work. www.emdl.eu.

He has published numerous articles and co edited several books on music, dance and digital arts including "La scena Digitale, nuovi media per la danza" (Venezia, Marsilio, 2001).

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