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NEXT EVENT: Saturday February 11 2017
7 p.m.-12 a.m.

2-in-1: An Exhibition of Identities

Feb 11 2017 - 12:00pm

MFA Thesis: Travis Ivey / HANK

"2-in-1: An Exhibition of Identities" is a showcase of painting, collage and sculpture by Travis Ivey and his alter ego HANK. His two seemingly disparate bodies of work come together in one space as an investigative survey of materials and life. Ivey’s interest in image and identity stereotypes led to the creation of his alter ego, HANK. Under this alias Ivey creates paintings of the vast western landscape with an emphasis on human ecology and the environment. Alternately, Ivey’s other work originates in the subconscious and introspective, and is created using found and collected by-products from society and his personal life.

“Its essentially a duo-exhibition in which I pair two galleries of work in the same space, in hopes of challenging some of the stereotypes associated with being an artist and the creative process.” 

Image: courtesy of the artist

For more information please contact:
Grant Vetter
Fine Art
Step Gallery, Grant Street Studios, Tempe campus