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The PhD program in music with a concentration in musicology focuses on the scholarly study of music in historical contexts, musical traditions as sociocultural artifact and behavior and performance.

Students explore and engage in multisensory learning experiences concerning forms and genres, performance practices, instruments, spaces, philosophies, musical infrastructures and geographic locations.

Coursework includes specialized study in musicology, support studies with scholars and artists in the School of Music, the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, and opportunities for transdisciplinary study with faculty in schools and institutes across ASU. A plan of study is designed by the student with the faculty to support an individualized research trajectory. Research conducted by students in the doctoral program in musicology aims to examine and interrogate the discipline of musicology and to expand the traditional boundaries of music scholarship by challenging methodological and disciplinary boundaries. The program concludes with a dissertation.

Program offered

Music (Musicology), PhD

Offered by
Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts


Plan of study

The Plan of study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Program requirements

Required Core (10 credit hours)
MSI 601 Contemporary Topics in Music Research (2)
MSI 602 Current Issues in Music Research (2)
MSI 755 Historical Research in Music (3)
MTC 520 Analytical Techniques (3)

Concentration (15 credit hours)
MHL 632 Applied Musicology (3)
MHL 668 Introduction to Ethnomusicology (3)
MHL 691 Seminars (9)

Electives and Research (17 credit hours)

Other Requirement (6 credit hours)
MHL 684 Internship (6)

Culminating Experience (12 credit hours)
MHL 799 Dissertation (12)

Additional Curriculum Information
Completion of diagnostic exams in music history and music theory is required of all new graduate music students prior to enrollment in the ASU School of Music.

Students take three seminars for three credit hours each for the concentration. Equivalent courses may be used with preapproval by the student's faculty advisor. No more than six credit hours outside of the School of Music may apply to this requirement.

Students should see the academic unit for a complete list of approved electives and research courses.

When approved by the student's supervisory committee and the Graduate College, this program allows 30 credit hours from a previously awarded master's degree to be used for this degree. Students entering the program without an earned MA degree will complete the requirements for the Master of Arts in music with a concentration in ethnomusicology or music history and literature.

Additional information on degree requirements for all graduate music programs may be found on the check-sheets.

Information about this program

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