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Our Team

Marlon Bailey, MFA, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Social Transformation - Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Bailey is an associate professor of women and gender studies and the coordinator of the LGBTQ studies certificate program in the School of Social Transformation at ASU. He is currently conducting an ethnographic study of the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on Black gay subjectivity. His scholarship brings together ethnography, performance, gender, sexuality and heath. His ethnographic expertise will inform the qualitative research of Creative Health Collaborations.

David W. Coon, PhD

Associate Dean and Professor - R.I.S.E, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

A founding member of Creative Health Collaborations, Dr. Coon designs and evaluates interventions, such as CarePRO and EPIC, that focus on culturally diverse groups of midlife and older adults facing chronic illnesses (dementia, cancer, depression) and their family caregivers. These interventions are typically created as collaborations with health and community-based organizations serving diverse communities; and, they often involve interdisciplinary teams of investigators, practitioners, and other stakeholders. His involvement as PI on Music & Memory led him to explore the potential for arts interventions in long-term dementia care.

Bradley Doebbeling, M.D., MSc

Professor, College of Health Solutions - School for the Science of Health Care Delivery

Dr. Doebbeling‘s clinical experience includes providing medical care for adults, and working in primary and tertiary care as a consulting general internist and infectious diseases specialist. His has held various clinical administrative roles in hospitals, was founding director of a VA HSR&D research center of excellence and the IU Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research, and was founding chair of a BioHealth Informatics Department. His expertise in implementation science, systems redesign and biomedical informatics is invaluable to the Creative Health Collaborations endeavor.

Cora Fox, PhD

Associate Professor of English - Interim director of the Institute for Humanities Research

A founding member of Creative Health Collaborations, Dr. Fox has led an initiative to develop research capacity in health humanities since 2013. Her current work focuses on the histories of positive emotions and well-being, as well as the role of fictional and cultural narratives in shaping emotion. As part of the Creative Health Collaborations team she brings modes of inquiry from the humanities to analyzing narratives of health and developing new tools to measure health, wellbeing and happiness in arts-based interventions.

Shelby Langer, PhD

Associate Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Dr. Shelby is a psychologist with postdoctoral training in behavioral medicine. Her primary line of investigation focuses on communication, emotion regulation, and adjustment among couples coping with advanced cancer. She brings extensive experience in the conduct of observational research with patients, caregivers, and providers; conceptual and methodological expertise in the assessment of emotional experience and expression across both laboratory and naturalistic settings; an appreciation of the state of the extant literature on narrative and other expressive arts as avenues for intervention to optimize adjustment to the illness experience and a successful track record of multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Elizabeth Reifnsider, PhD, RN

Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation

A women’s health advanced practice nurse and a public/community health nursing specialist, Dr. Reifsnider is a founding member of Creative Health Collaborations. She has conducted research on women’s and children’s health in community settings for 30 years and is an expert in community-based participatory research and improving nutrition and growth for new mothers and children. She was inducted into the prestigious American Academy of Nursing in 2011 for her community-based research and advocacy for vulnerable children, and into the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in 2015 for her work improving the health of low-income women.

John Takamura, MSD, ABD

Associate Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts - Assistant Director, Design School – Industrial Design

John Takamura is active in developing corporate-sponsored university research, industrial design, and branding programs within various consumer product and service industries. He brings extensive design experience to the environmental aspects of observation protocol development, user-involved focus group analyses, and to the final design of research instruments, toolkits, and other health-related “products” developed by the Creative Health Collaborations team. He is also pursuing a PhD in the School of Sustainability, where he is focusing on entrepreneurship in indigenous cultures.

Tamara Underiner, PhD

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate College - Associate Professor, School of Film, Dance and Theatre

Dr. Underiner convenes the Creative Health Collaborations team. A former Associate Dean for Research at the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and founding member of CENAS (Cultural Engagements in Nutrition, Arts and Sciences), she studies the potential of participatory arts practices for health education and promotion. As current Associate Dean of the Graduate College, she helps to create opportunities for interdisciplinary graduate curricula.