Kathryn Medill

Audience Experience Coordinator
University Staff
TEMPE Campus


As an art and visual culture educator with an emphasis in museum education, my practice is grounded in cultivating an open dialogue and utilizing constructivist learning models. Whether it’s touring a group of kindergarteners through a museum or discussing a reading with undergraduate and graduate students, I firmly believe that conversation is the key to creating a productive space for both the facilitator and the students. For me, art and visual culture are the ideal channels through which we can both discuss contemporary cultures and reflect on past iterations of culture from micro, mezzo and macro levels. In the past, I have worked for art gallery and museum education departments in Spain, England and the United States. I am familiar with creating curricula that connects to museum content for K-12 students as well as, undergraduate and graduate students. 



Ph.D. Art and Visual Culture Education and Art History, University of Arizona 


Fall 2019
Course Number Course Title
ARS 100 Introduction to Art
Fall 2018
Course Number Course Title
ARS 100 Introduction to Art