ASU nurtures startup that converts vans, trucks into hybrids

The saying about solar power is that it pays for itself, but not in your lifetime: The same thing could be said about hybrid vehicles. Yes, they run cheaper and they’re better for the environment, but the initial investment can be daunting.

If that’s true for individual consumers, consider the plight of fleet managers who oversee hundreds or thousands of vehicles. 

But a company nurtured by Arizona State University has hit upon a solution, offering systems to convert new or existing fleets to hybrid vehicles.

ASU student on Tesla wait list is driven by innovation and sustainability

The Tesla Model 3 is a game changer — a high-style, affordable car that runs on electricity.

More than half a million people are on the waiting list for the Model 3, and it only seems logical that a student at the most innovative university in the country is in line to get one of the most pioneering cars in history.

After making a splash this summer by delivering a handful of the new Model 3 cars, Tesla is now working to ramp up its manufacturing — with everyone watching to see how the experiment plays out.

ASU students, alum featured in 'Microdwelling' show

ASU architecture students from The Design School in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts helped to construct a selection of tiny spaces currently on view in “Microdwelling,” an exhibition featuring 12 structures under 600 square feet at the Schemer Art Center in Phoenix.

Three of the 12 structures were built by ASU students with the help of a $3,000 grant from The Central Arizona Architecture Foundation. They had just one month to construct their microdwelling spaces.

ASU, city of Phoenix launch new innovation incubator program

Arizona State University, twice named the most innovative school in the nation by US News and World Report, in collaboration with the city of Phoenix, named the Top Performing City overall by Governing and Living Cities, announce a call for innovators and entrepreneurs to participate in the RISN Incubator, a diverse solutions business development and accelerator program.

ASU’s Design School reimagines a more sustainable Hawaii

Hawaii faces a range of sustainability threats: The state can’t grow enough food; it imports 90 percent of its energy and water; coral reefs are disappearing; the islands are being overrun by invasive species; and because of global warming, residents are increasingly vulnerable to flooding, hurricanes and tsunamis.

It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but students from the desert have been enlisted to help.

Sustainability project factors happiness and making a buck

No one wants to live in a world overflowing with garbage, but how does a regular person tackle such a complicated problem?

Three Arizona State University sustainability students have come up with a way to guide small organizations painlessly toward zero waste.

And they’ll make money doing it.

Their consulting firm, Circle Blue, will partner with schools, nonprofits and small businesses to find and eliminate waste, saving money and reducing the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills.