Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Design and Art Electives

Spring 2017

Need to fulfill a CS, HU or L this spring?
Did you know that creative thinking is one of the top traits employers are seeking?
Add creativity to your college experience with a Herberger Institute class.

Art, dance, design, music and theatre and film classes are available to all ASU students this fall in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Several courses fulfill CS, HU or L general studies designations and awareness area requirements for C, G or H.

Registration available through:
Spring Session A: January 10, 2017
Spring Session B: March 14, 2017
Spring Session C: January 15, 2017

Whatever your interests, the Herberger Institute has spring classes that fit your needs!

Click on the links below to see available classes:


Arts, Media and Engineering


Film, Dance and Theatre



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