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Research Opportunities

External Grants

Program Sponsor Amount Sponsor Deadline

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

CFDA Number: 45.169

This program is designed to encourage innovations in the digital humanities. By awarding relatively small grants to support the planning stages, NEH aims to encourage the development of innovative projects that promise to benefit the humanities. Proposals should be for the planning or initial stages of digital initiatives in any area of the humanities. More information.

NEH Amount September 27, 2011

Summer Stipends

CFDA Number: 45.160

Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both.

Recipients usually produce articles, monographs, books, digital materials, archaeological site reports, translations, editions, or other scholarly resources.

Successful applicants receive an outright award of $6,000 for two consecutive months of full-time research and writing. More information.

NEH $6,000 September 29, 2011

Museum and Community Connections Program

The purpose of the program is to encourage art museums to reach out to large numbers of people of all ages and backgrounds through imaginative programs and/or exhibits that help us understand and appreciate each other and our world.

Collaboration and partnership with other organizations is a plus. More information.

MetLife Foundation Varies October 15, 2011

Ceramics (ASU limited submission 22798)

This program supports fundamental research including combined experiment and theory projects in ceramics (e.g., oxides, carbides, nitrides and borides), glasses, ceramic-based composites and inorganic carbon-based materials. The objective of the program is to increase fundamental understanding and to develop predictive capabilities for relating synthesis, processing, and microstructure of these materials to their properties and ultimate performance in various environments and applications. Development of new experimental techniques or novel approaches to carry out projects is encouraged. Topics supported include basic processes and mechanisms associated with nucleation and growth of thin films; bulk crystal growth; phase transformations and equilibria; morphology; surface modification; corrosion, interfaces and grain boundary structure; and defects. More information.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Varies October 21, 2011

Black Rock Arts Foundation Grants

Applications for the 2012 grant cycle will be available in the fall of 2011. Join the mailing list to receive notification of when 2012 applications are available.

We fund highly interactive, community-driven works of art. We fund art that is accessible to the public, civic in scope and prompts the viewer to act. We like art that can be experienced in more ways than visually. We are fans of art that is meant to be touched, heard or experienced, as well as viewed. We prioritize funding art that involves the community and the audience in its creation and presentation. More information.

Black Rock Arts Foundation $500 - $10,000 Fall 2011 for 2012 Cycle

Rotch Travelling Studio

This grant program supports foreign travel and has been established to augment the architectural education of students of architecture at the highest level of scholarship within a studio format. Studios are to be directed by the faculty applicant and are intended to supplement a specific design studio at the school. Criteria for the evaluation of applicants' proposals are their potential for scholastic excellence. This applies primarily to the students, but the impact of the trip on the studio instructor and the studio's impact on its department or institution will also be taken into consideration. More Information.

Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Up to $20,000 October 21, 2011

Research: Art Works

CFDA No. 45.024

The NEA will make grants for research projects that use existing datasets to mine data for analyses of the value and impact of the U.S. arts sector on the nation, whether on individuals or communities. Applications should present novel research questions that have not previously been explored with the referenced dataset(s). Projects that will be conducted in partnership with for-profit entities, and/or which use commercial and/or administrative datasets, are also encouraged. More Information.

NEA $10,000-$30,000 November 8, 2011

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center

The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico, sponsors research in American Modernism (1890-present) by awarding stipends to historians in the fields of art, architecture and design, literature, music, and photography, and to museum professionals who wish to organize an exhibition at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Six stipends are awarded annually to scholars to pursue projects related to the study of American Modernism and to the art and life of Georgia O'Keeffe. Areas of study include art history, architectural history and design, literature, music and photography. One stipend is offered to a museum curator interested in organizing an exhibition on American Modernism at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. More information about the stipend. More information about The Georgia O'Keefe Museum Research Center.

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Research Center The award amount is unspecified. Stipend Program November 28, 2011

Individual Artist Support Grants

The Foundation wishes to encourage artists who have dedicated their lives to developing their art, regardless of their level of commercial success. This program was conceived in order to recognize and support the serious, fully-committed artist, and we hope these individuals will consider applying. Twelve grants are awarded each year. Applications are reviewed by a panel of five professionals in the arts who have no affiliation with the Foundation. More information.

The Gottlieb Foundation Varies December 15, 2011

Digital Humanities Implementation Grants

CFDA Number: 45.169

This program is designed to fund the implementation of innovative digital-humanities projects that have successfully completed a start-up phase and demonstrated their value to the field. Such projects might enhance our understanding of central problems in the humanities, raise new questions in the humanities, or develop new digital applications and approaches for use in the humanities. More information.

NEH $100,000 to $325,000 January 24, 2011

Production and Presentation Grants to organizations

These grants assist organizations with the production-related expenses that are necessary to take a project from conceptualization to realization and public presentation. These projects may include, but are not limited to, publications, exhibitions, installations, conferences/lectures, films, new media projects, and other public programs. Projects must have clearly defined goals, work plans, budgets, and production and dissemination plans. More information. How to apply.

Graham Foundation Up to $30,000

Intent: January 6, 2012

Proposal: February 25, 2012