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Student and Alumni News is a great resource for everyone to quickly discover what is happening with individual Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts students and alumni.

Megan Alrutz, Anne Negri, Kathleen Pennyway, Sarah Sullivan, Xanthia Angel Walker, Alumni, Theatre and Film

The American Alliance for Theatre and Education selected five ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre alumni for distinguished awards in various categories this year. The awards, which honor exceptional individuals and organizations that focus on creating and presenting theatre with and for young audiences, were presented at the annual AATE conference in summer of 2014.

The Lin Wright Special Recognition Award went to Megan Alrutz. The award for Best Play for Pre-K and Elementary Age Audiences went to Anne Negri for “With Two Wings.” The Zeta Phi Eta-Winifred Ward Outstanding New Children’s Theatre Company Award was given to Xanthia Angel Walker and Sarah Sullivan, who co-founded Rising Youth Theatre. Kathleen Pennyway received an honorable mention for the Distinguished Thesis award for her M.F.A these “Foam on the Sea: Exploring Student Critical Thinking through Improvisational, Devised Theatre.”

Negri, Pennyway, Sullivan, and Walker graduated from ASU's M.F.A. Theatre program with an special focus on Theatre for Youth. Alrutz holds her Ph.D. from ASU's Theatre program with the same youth-driven emphasis.

Project Date: Jul 15, 2014



Enza Giannone Hosig, Graduate, Theatre and Film

Enza Giannone Hosig, Ph.D. candidate in theatre (Theatre for Youth) in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, was recently named this year's Winifred Ward Scholar by the American Alliance for Theatre and Education. This award is named after Winifred Ward, the pioneer of children’s theatre and creative drama in the United States. The scholarship is awarded annually by the Winifred Ward Memorial Fund, Inc. (WWMF), to a graduate-level scholar of demonstrated intellectual and artistic ability in child drama/theatre. Nominees are judged on the basis of scholarship, faculty recommendations, indication of strong professional interest and growth, successful performance in some aspect of children's theatre or creative drama work and other criteria. In addition, the candidate should indicate a professional interest in pursuing career goals consistent with the legacy of Winifred Ward. The scholar is selected by the Winifred Ward Scholarship Committee, appointed by the WWMF Board. Enza was pleased to represent the Herberger Institute and TFY program during the conference in Washington, D.C. She is incredibly humbled by her professor's nomination and honored to have received this prestigious award for excellence in a field she loves so dearly.

Project Date: Jul 1, 2014



Asantewa Sunni-Ali, Graduate, Theatre and Film

Asantewa Sunni-Ali, a fourth-year Theatre for Youth doctoral candidate in ASU's School of Film, Dance and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, recently received the American Theatre and Drama Society's "Emerging Scholar Award" at the 2013 Annual Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference. The awarded essay, "Playing New Afrikan: Performance as Pedagogy at Camp Pumziko," explores the collective recitations of New Afrikan chants, oaths and pledges as performative speech acts which serve as instruction methods to produce and re-produce young New Afrikan subjects. This work extends from
her larger dissertation project, which examines the intersections of childhood, New Afrikanity, performance and agency.

Project Date: Aug 1, 2013



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