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Shawn Richards
Director of Development


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As dean and director of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University, I not only have the great privilege to lead one of ASU’s top institutes, but I am also privileged to be a donor. I remember feeling completely exhilarated when reading President Michael Crow's position paper that defined ASU as a New American University. This aggressive endeavor to reshape the university as a leader in U.S. higher education, along with the ASU Challenges Project, clearly illustrates a need for adaptability. I find ASU’s flexibility and leadership role exciting as the university changes its educational models in response to the evolving world around us.

I am particularly proud to support the ASU Herberger Institute because of the increased flexibility offered to students through transdisciplinary study opportunities that span creative disciplines: the performing arts, the visual arts, design and architecture. Students study not only the history and theory of these practices, but also practical applications – all through a single, leading Institute model, unique in the nation.

These collaborations prepare our students to play an active and creative role in the ever-changing world that they inhabit. As creative professionals are asked, more and more, to cross disciplinary boundaries in their creative work, the practical experiences they had in the Herberger Institute will help them transition professionally, after ASU.

As a donor and enthusiastic supporter of the changes occurring at ASU and in the ASU Herberger Institute, I am committed to staying in touch with our community our corporate leaders, our friends and our alumni to find dynamic opportunities for participation and investment. It is my belief that our students and faculty will benefit from the time, talents and committed financial resources offered by our community.