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Darren Petrucci

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Area: Design
Category: Faculty
Title: Professor, Coordinator Master of Urban Design
Office: DS 314
Phone: 480.965.6368
Specialty: Architecture + Urban Infrastructure
E-mail: Darren.Petrucci@asu.edu
Web Page:

Darren Petrucci is an architect and professor in The Design School at Arizona State University where he serves as the Coordinator of the Master of Urban Design Program. He is the founder and principal of A-I-R [Architecture-Infrastructure-Research] Inc., and its mirror company R-I-A [Redefining-Innovation-Agency] Inc. He received both a Master’s Degree in Architecture and a Master’s Degree of Architecture & Urban Design with distinction from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

His design thinking work focuses on leading, teaching, and consulting with collaborative transdisciplinary teams that work toward transformative design solutions to complex problems. Through his design work he focuses what he calls “Amenity Infrastructures” that facilitate the integration of pleasure, comfort, and convenience within new forms of public and private infrastructure and architecture.

He is a member of the Como Innovation Summit, a recipient of the New York Architecture League’s “Emerging Voices” award, the winner of a Progressive Architecture Award, a Record House Award, and two NCARB Prizes for excellence in teaching and practice. His work has been exhibited and published in numerous national and international books, journals, magazines, and museums. Recently, he spoke at a TEDx conference on Amenity Infrastructure.

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